What do You think of the ICC Ephesians -commentary by Ernest Best, 1998?

Here’s a link to it in Logos:
I was unable to find any other reviews of it, than these two:

This page recommends it and says that it’s Protestant Moderate: regulafide.blogspot.se/2011/02/protestant-monopoly-on-commentaries.html

Here’s another review of it that I found: bestcommentaries.com/book/9/0567085651-ephesians-ernest-best

If you want catholic comentaries on the New testament look at the
Navaree Bible (Several versions)
the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible
The Catholic Comentary on Sacred Scripture.

I don’t like those You listed:[LIST]
*]Navaree Bible is sais to be for the lay people and it’s not modern enough and way too brief. amazon.com/Navarre-Bible-Captivity-Commentary-University/dp/1851820795/ref=sr_1_13?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1342458430&sr=1-13 says that no books cite this volume. I allready have a work that deals at this level with all books of the Bible: forums.catholic.com/showthread.php?t=693081 <-- please feel free to post Your opinion there!
*]Ignatius Catholic Study Bible is a too brief.
*]Catholic Comentary on Sacred Scripture says that Paul was the author of Ep. And the best review on Amazon say that it’s non-technical. The newest review on Amazon says: “Unfortunatly, this particular commentary as it discusses a passage generally simply restates what that passage says without any depth of analysis”
[/LIST]I have such commentaries as: Hermeneia, Berit Olam (Gn), New Testament Readings (James, Richard Bauckham), Paideia (Romans, Frank J. Matera), Herald Scriptural Library (The Gospel According to John, Pheme Perkins, 1978), Translations of Early Documents (First Epistle of Clement, W. K. Lowther Clarke, 1937). I don’t like Anchor or Anchor-Yale Bible, etc.

Here is another review of Ephesians by E. Best: evepheso.wordpress.com/2007/10/24/book-review-ephesians-by-ernest-best/
Summary of the review:
What’s surprising is that it has only two halves of pages examining textual criticism. I quote: “Best’s textual commentary within the commentary proper are generally excellent and valuable”
“[The] introduction provides an excellent survey examining the thought and theology of the letter.”
Another quote: [E. Best] also view this unknown author rather negatively on other points:
“[The] A[uthor of] E[phesians fails] to understand the true nature of the households in his communities … His failure to understand correctly life around him is seen also in the way in which he describes the secular world”
In 2006 Gordon Fee wrote an article on Ephesians 5, giving an excellent explanation of why such a “failure” might have occurred.
Another quote: “it is also very helpful for everyone to see the unique contribution that Ephesians makes to the New Testament as a whole.”
E. Best thinks that Ephesians was a homily later transformed into a letter.

My opinion of it: the commentary seems to be of high quality/accurate! I think that he is for example right about the authorship-issue! And it’s well-divided.

I found a commentary by a Catholic: logos.com/product/7070/epistle-to-the-ephesians-a-commentary
… but I’m not considering it because I don’t think I would get additional value for money. I don’t think there is any difference between the 1991 and the 2001 -editions. It is listed as second best on: regulafide.blogspot.se/2011/02/protestant-monopoly-on-commentaries.html

I wonder if it ellaborates on these 2 passages?: christianforums.com/t2557235/#post57256409

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