What do you think of the Long island medium TV show?

Sometimes I watch this show. It airs on TLC. I don’t really know if its real or set up just wondering what yall thought of the show? I think if its real I would like to visit a medium and see how my aunt is, she recently passed. We were close and I never got to tell her goodbye. She was sick for a long time and was always sleeping, she was slowly losing her mind. So I never got to talk to her towards the end. oh and does it go against the catholic teachings for you to talk to a medium for the purpose of knowing how a past loved one is? Thank You.:thumbsup:

Yes, visiting “mediums” is against Catholic teaching. When people die, they are immediately judged and go to one of three places. They don’t hang around on Earth waiting for the Long Island Medium to contact them.

I’ve seen the show once or twice, I think its okay, nothing I would break my neck to catch when it airs. I don’t think I would ever contact a medium but I do believe their are people who have GOD given gifts to be able to know things or communicate things. Not everyone is a fake or of the enemy although some truly are. I guess it’s a matter of discernment.

it is a knock off / spin off of that one show Medium with whom ever, that South Park ripped to shreds ( which was hilarious ). Kind of like those ghost shows ( ghost hunters / adventures what ever ) .

Could there be some truth to it, probably, but i would wager a bet that more likely than not it is staged there are already plenty of articles on how people use techniques to claim to be in contact with someones loved one that has passed. I would imagine if someone could actually make contact with the dead they would not be so eager to make it known and might actually consider themselves mentally ill and seek counseling before looking for a television producer to put them on tv.

Consulting mediums is dangerous. Remember, if it is not the Holy Spirit, who is it? I wouldn’t recommend watching it even for curiosity’s sake.

I kind of believe maybe God could give you the gift of being able to know how peoples past loved ones are. & communicate through a medium. On a side note, I do watch Ghost hunters I do believe ghost are real. But, not necessarily the ones on that show, it could be somewhat fake for TV. :shrug:

I believe Sacred Scripture that it is forbidden to consult mediums and fortune tellers.

No disrespect intended, but your beliefs do not align with Catholic teaching. When we die, we are immediately judged. The last things. Being a “ghost” and floating around earth is not one of the last things. The only forces roaming the earth are those who seek to devour us. Put your faith in God and His Church, not ****** bs reality tv shows.

My advice would be to ask this question on the apologetics board first of all.
Secondly, what I’ve gleaned from my own queries about ghosts etc is that there is a great danger to interacting with or seeking contact with ghosts who may be demons/evil spirits in disguise. In fact, it is explicitly stated to not have anything to do with ghosts, tarot cards, ouija boards, mediums and the like in the Catechism of the Church and the determination if a person has a “God given gift” of any sort is best left in the hands of the church as well.

Just wondering what that means?

Miss Felicity, it means that there are people who have gifts and the requisite training to deal with demons. They are ordained priests trained in the ways of exorcism.

Possession is a real thing, though of course not nearly as common as people thought hundreds of years ago. Most people who seem “possessed” are actually mentally ill. Nevertheless, there are real cases where people turn their lives and wills over to Satan and his ilk. Exorcists are trained to deal with such cases.

That’s about as far as we should go with this whole business. Focus on God and not nonsense about ghosts and whatnot, and certainly not Satan. And if you ever encounter a real case where you think someone might genuinely be possessed, contact the Church immediately.

Oh, and yes I am aware that lay people were exorcists in the past. The practice has since changed and the charism has since been only been exercised by priests. Just go ask any of the previous two popes or the current one. They would tell you that exorcists are still needed in this present day.

Okay, I was just seeking clarification. I certainly wasn’t implying that people should focus on things that are not of God. I just wanted a little bit of further explanation. I know lay people who have gifts in things that are not “of the physical plane” but they are truly Christian, many Catholics. I don’t think we do any good by dismissing EVERYTHING “unexplained” as being of the enemy. Knowledge is power is fear doesn’t help. Nothing in anyone’s TV is going to jump out at them.

Seen ads for it, but never felt the need to watch the program. :shrug:

I think it’s really fake and boring.

If they’re telling you that they can communicate with the dead, they are either a) lying, b) lying or c) lying and also trying to obtain “powers” from the enemy.

We cannot communicate with the dead. Period. We can pray for the dead and the Church Triumphant can pray for us and for the souls in purgatory, but we cannot communicate with them the way we talk to one another on this planet. Or even in some trance state. That stuff is all a bunch of nonsense. Most of it just your run of the mill scam but ultimately harmless nonsense, some of it pretty dangerous.

There are the charisms of the Holy Spirit given to followers of the Lord to build up the Body of Christ. And we are to practice discernment for them as well.

I didn’t say specifically communicate with the dead. My only point is that none of us including you can say what each and every person on Earth’s ability or gift is.

I believe the show is fake to suck in people desperate for answers to death.
Best to rely on Faith.

Precisely my point, my first response in this thread I said practice discernment.

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“We” (not all, most have blocked direct communication with GOD let alone souls who have passed over) can.

What do you think we do when we pray to saints? Aren’t they “dead”? Or…is it okay because the Church has canonized them?

God sometimes allows a soul to “visit” loved ones. I’ve known many devout Catholics who live their faith to whom this has happened. I am one of them. Further, many years ago I had an experience where I “saw” and “heard” from someone who died during the Viet Nam War. I was talking to his brother at the time! What I told him astounded him, but I also “got” a huge STOP signal.

There are true “mediums”. We are “forbidden” to attempt to communicate with the dead because of the association with ungodly (even demonic) things: i.e., do not have a ouija board in the house, do not use tarot cards, do not attend seances, etc. There are many instances where such things cause pandemonium and demonic influence (even worse, sometimes). To say it “can’t be done” is erroneous: it can, it is. Should it be? If God allows it (personally) and it is clearly from Him, I think He makes the rules. Someone else suggested that a person who “thinks” s/he can “communicate with the dead” would more likely seek psychiatric counseling. The truly mentally ill DO NOT KNOW, AND CANNOT ACKNOWLEDGE their illness and yes, Satan takes advantage of them. Are there fakes? Plenty. A few quite “famous”. Not all of them are. What happens to them, personally, in their spirit, as a result of their “work” is between them and God. I agree with one other poster: this is a GOD given gift and I believe it is intended for a purpose. I believe that purpose to be: to enlighten the world that the soul continues, to glorify God and bring people to Him.

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