What do you think of the Pope's response to the current scandal?


What do you think of the Pope’s response to the current scandal? Are “prayers and silence” the best approach?


The Holy Father has not been silent about the problem of the abuse of children by the clergy. As far as the recently publicized allegations out of PA that include child and adult abuse victims, it seems to me that there is so much to untangle regarding what the actual truths are in the various allegations.

This seems prudent to me : “I believe the statement speaks for itself. And you have the journalistic capacity to draw your own conclusions. It’s an act of faith. When some time passes and you have drawn your conclusions, I may speak.”

I also understand and share the concerns expressed by this statement: “With people who don’t have good will, who seek only scandal, who want only division, who seek only destruction — including within the family: silence, prayer.”

I pray everyday for Pope Francis and Pope Benedict. I ask God to bless Pope Francis with long life, good health, great vitality, and an awareness of how much he is loved and needed by people throughout the world. Lately, I also ask God to comfort him.


I am disappointed.

While I am sure that there are some who seek scandal, I would consider those to be a minority. Do those who seek Truth and clarity to be denied that?

Silence in the face of accusations has not worked well in the past of the US bishops, I don’t think it will work well for the Holy See either.

I would echo the call from Cardinal DiNardo to open the records of the US Nuciature and the Congregation for Bishops to outside inspection.

We are a Church dedicated to Truth, thus no Truth can hurt us, it can only expose those who do evil.


This article is mixing up what Pope Francis said to reporters and what Pope Francis preached in a homily .


I’m fine with the silence. Silence was Jesus’ response to his critics


His response is very Ignatian. I understand it, and it is probably the best course of action right now. Any statement he’d put out right now would likely be twisted and mangled to fit any number of agendas.


I see Pope Francis’ words as telling the journalists to do their job as professional journalists , to look into the matter , to do some investigative journalism , and see what they come up with .

In the meantime the Pope says he will remain silent , but in time will speak .


His Response is Sufficient :+1:


I feel silence is fine. How do we know what is being done about the crisis? Just because there isn’t a press room briefing every three seconds like there is with American politics doesn’t mean nothing is happening.

There are many people who are seeking scandal and do not have good will toward to Church, the Body of Christ, the victims, and certainly not the clergy. Everything Pope Francis says today and in the near future will be twisted and misrepresented by those who have no desire to know the truth.

Silence is very prudent on the part of the Vatican. I trust there is work being done behind the scenes and when the time is right we will know what the resolution is.


He says “the statement speaks for itself”.It sort of sounds like he’s agreeing with it.


silence is the correct response.

The Pope is the Pope for all nations, not just one . Let the accusers of that one nation take the log out of their own eyes before a splinter out of another.

The current scandal in that one country is not the big picture globally for the same issue. So perhaps that one country needs to look outward and see how the Pope is already responding in other countries.

A whipped up anti catholic anti pope media shite storm does not create an obligation for a response in the person it is directed at.


Surely, the truth will not be silent forever.


So - be humble and silent ?
That’s a good description of many Catholics today.
Glad Jesus wasn’t that - as he stood before all the Pharisees and Saducies -


As a citizen of the aforementioned country, I totally agree with you.


You are right. I feel like anything he says, short of resigning, is going to be met with derision from his critics and more calls to resign.

So why bother saying anything? It’s not like the Rod Drehers of this world will suddenly decide Pope Francis is a good guy.


Pretty poor if you ask me. He demands silence so it will all go away and he’s making it out like people only want to cause scandal by demanding a thorough investigation. In this case however, silence is not golden.


If I say anything worthwhile, it’s only through the grace of the Holy Spirit. I get as many bricks thrown at me as I do bouquets.


This made me think of Jesus. He knew Had critics but spoke anyway. But in front of Herod was silent. And Pilate at one point. So I guess Pope Francis is using discernment? I wonder if he’s waiting for more information.


Nope. Lots of great folks here.


More information? He already knows if he relieved Cardinal McCarrick from the sanctions Pope Benedict Emeritus placed on him.

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