What do you think of The Reaping?

Has anyone seen this movie, because I’ve seen the trailer of this on tv, and I am interested because the ideas seems to be based (at least loosely) on the events in the book of Exodus? As a Catholic should I stay away from this or is it ok? I don’t want to watch any anti-religious, un-Catholic etc movies. Thanks

From the reviews it sounds stupid and sensationalistic. I’m not sure if it’s anti-religious (though I think there’s the usual troubled priest who falls in love with the heroine) so much as a cheap exploitation of Biblical themes for thrills. However, I haven’t seen it so take this with a pinch of salt!


The Reaping isn’t anti-religious, but it is anti-intelligence as well as anti-well-made. The movie manages to be contrived, boring, silly, and incoherent, sometimes all at once. My only guess is that Hilary Swank had some bills to pay.

– Mark L. Chance.

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