What do you think of the show 'Community'?


This series began showing here in New Zealand recently. I think it played on NBC in America.
I found it quite amusing and entertaining, a refreshing change from the mediocre stupidity that characterizes most ‘sitcoms.’
The only explicitly ‘Christian’ character is a friendly but somewhat simple-minded Afro-American lady.

I’m not sure about the values that this show is promoting. What do you think? Does its ‘entertainment quality’ outweigh any morally questionable aspects?

God bless,

It’s funny!

I love Chevy Chase. It’s good to see him again. :slight_smile:

The Christian lady is portrayed as a good person, though is poked fun at a bit. I think it’s ok to laugh at ourselves though, and others as well, as long as it is gentle and in jest. :slight_smile:

Thanks Gary, I agree with what you say.
I think everyone has a soft spot Chevy Chase’s character–even his ‘politically incorrect’ side is loveable!:smiley:

Big fan of Allison Brie, so I had to watch Community.

I love it really. Even Britta, the typical atheist!!
Very entertaining a mixture of characters, I watch a lot of TV and film so I relate to Abed.
I enjoy how Jeff always ends up helping his friends, even though he feels its against his personality and style, he gives in through tolerance, loyalty and does a good job of representing friendship.

:thumbsup: Alison Brie is so cute in this show!

Combination of intelligent writers and good actors= :thumbsup: !
Yeah I love how Jeff tries to act all cool and detached, but ends up ‘doing the right thing,’ while still remaining true to his character. The tension between the different age/social groups is interesting.

Absolutely the best show on television right now. By far my favorite…The paintball episode was the funniest episode of anything that’s been on TV for a while.

Time filler while I wait for The Office.

:nerd::rolleyes::D;):rotfl::rotfl: :rotfl:

I like Community. I’m sure most of the movie/TV/pop culture references just sail over my head. I also thought the show was in danger of jumping the shark at the beginning of the second season (that Halloween episode was almost the end for me) but I think it’s come back all right.

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