What do you think of the Smashing Pumpkins revival?

They were my favorite band of the 1990s. Everything they did up until 1997 was great. So I am excited about their revival, despite the fact that only half of the members are back. I would rather of had the entire band come back however.

The new single “Tarantula” was good, but not as good as the best Pumpkins material.

I hope their new stuff is good. The thing about them, though, is that Billy Corgan is so much a big part of the creative element of the band that as long as he is there, simply having some of the other guys back is mostly a novelty. Its sort of like The Police. Sting is back with them, but if they had a different drummer or bass player, who would really care that much?

That said, I’m glad to hear new stuff from them. I have enjoyed some of the “comebacks” from Jane’s Addiction and Iron Maiden among a few others, but I went into them with an open mind, not expecting a masterpiece.

Jimmy Chamberlain is said to be the second most important part of the Pumpkins. I don’t know how much James Iha and Darcy contributed to the band. He is one of the best drummers IMO.

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