What do you think of these thoughts on the degrees of happiness in heaven, suffering in hell and ideas how our loved ones are not always lost though they are estranged from God and more?


The degree of our happiness in heaven or suffering in hell depends entirely on the amount of grace which is love or non love we have in our hearts and souls when we die.
To go to heaven we must do Gods will as we perceive it and have love in our souls when we die. Love is grace. If through no fault of our own and through ignorance we have loved a false God or practiced an untrue religion or at least followed the dictates of our conscience according to our beliefs we can certainly attain heaven. We just have to have love in our souls when we die to attain heaven as heaven is to love and be loved and we cannot love if we have no love in our souls. If we practiced no religion due to genuine ignorance or sickness but nonetheless followed the dictates of our conscience which speaks with absolute authority then we have done Gods will in this case and have led a good life which includes the prayer of doing God’s will and can certainly attain heaven if we have the love of God which is grace present in our soul, even if we did not know we had grace.
If we do not have the love of God in our soul when we die then we cannot go to heaven.
God provides sufficient grace to all regardless of their religion or belief. If we cooperate with the love God gives us in this life we will become a loving person to varying degrees. It should be the goal of our lives to receive as much grace as possible so we can love as much as possible and thus achieve the greatest possible happiness in heaven. The chief means of receiving grace which is the love of God is the sacraments. These impart the greatest grace to us when properly received. Prayer, penance and almsgiving are also great ways attaining more grace. Then doing God’s will in all also allows us receive more of God’s love which in turn moves us to love more if we cooperate with it.
If we choose God then we choose Love because God is infinite and eternal Living Love and provided we have the love of God in our souls when we die we will get the greatest pleasure, indeed unimaginable sheer ecstatic bliss, when we go to the place we chose which is the place of Love – Heaven. Our happiness therein depends entirely on how much we have developed our capacity to love in this life.
We should always seek to increase the Love in our hearts and souls by loving God, all angels and saints, all men and all creation. God is Love and He desires no evil for us so if we strive to do His will which shows our love for Him He will not let us perish. We should trust in God, love Him and strive to do His will always and God will take care of us and make sure we get to heaven. We need not fear hell if we love God to the end, or even just before the end. Just trust Him and love Him.
We should not fear anyone is lost as a foregone conclusion. Only God can probe the hearts and minds of us and accurately judge a person. And only God can see if you have love in your soul. We often judge ourselves inaccurately too. So how can we judge others? To judge is to condemn as guilty of sin. To judge is not to love. Leave the judgment of others to God. We have a hard enough time judging ourselves. We all grieve about the family and friends who are estranged from God. We may be surprised who we see in heaven. Pray for those who do not love God so they receive the love of God which moves one to love. Eventually they may respond and start to become loving. We should show them how to respond with our life. We should help all to become more loving people.
Your thoughts etc are most welcome.

God bless you all:thumbsup::slight_smile:


Yep. The glory of Heaven ough to make us fall anew in love of God, who out of Mercy gives us good things, though we deserve nothing at all.

Hope is a virtue. Anxiety is not.


My dear friend Eucharisted

Well said again. I am personally astonished at the good God does for us even though we deserve nothing. God truly is Love when you look at Him and see what He does.

Thanks for your insight again. Maybe one day I’ll call you Fr Eucharisted?

Do you have a first name? Remain anonymous if you wish friend.

God bless you:thumbsup::slight_smile:


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