What do you think of this thread at apologetics.com?


I am participating in a discussion on birth control at the forum at apologetics.com (a protestant site) and wonder what you think of it. The posts have evolved into a discussion on the validity of the Catholic Church. Most recently it is about a possible debate on sola scriptura.

Please let me know what you think of my replies to Love Supreme, who posts the most vocal opposing view there. This link starts at my most recent post. You may have to work backward to get the whole discussion.




I will pray for your endurance. It does give me a new perspective on the non-Catholics who post in these forums. Poor embattled posters. Javelin, it’s difficult to read your lone “voice of the Catholic Church” amid all the skepticism there. I suppose that’s how WE look.

I haven’t the courage yet to post on a non-Catholic forum, so I say, “God be with you!”


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