What do you think of when you pray?

Not the rosary as it has its own mysteries.

Prayer is talking with God. I think about Him.


I think about The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, whom I am praying to. I also think of those I am praying for. God Bless.


I think it depends on why and where I’m praying, if I’m praying in front of the Blessed Sacrament at Mass I’m thanking Jesus for dying for me

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I often thank the Father for my fiancé, my kids, my parents, my sister and niece; what He’s done, is doing and will do and thank Jesus for dying for us on the Cross.

Beyond that: It depends on what I’m praying about.

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If I don’t have something specific that I’m meditating on, I usually think of Jesus in the tabernacle. It helps me to mentally be in His presence to draw upon memories from being in adoration.

Jesus says when u lay down and pray and be silent and talk to him. Ask him to forgive u of all ur sins and to come into ur heart and be the Lord of ur life. Jesus said we must be born again to ever see the kingdom of heaven. That means to repent and don’t do the things u where doing that where wrong again.

Actually, it means to be baptized.

Nicodemus asked the Lord how one would be born again, and Jesus responded “by water and Spirit.” Water=baptism, Spirit=indwelling of the Blessed Trinity by means of water baptism.

I do a lot of contemplative prayer, which has its own direction. In the most eficacious prayer that I (apparently) ever offered, I simply traced my finger back and forth across a sick parishioneer’s name in the book of intentions and wept. No words or thoughts. Just tears. I must have been very weak at that time, as the consolation I received was impossible to describe. The parishioner’s illness was healed - she is a living Saint, but does not know it.

Are you still posting your opinions? I cannot hesitate to tell you that virtualy everything you have posted here is made up.

By men.

In Europe or America.

Not by our Lord.

Pretty much anything and everything.

I either think about giving thanks, repenting for my sins or asking for something.


Thankfulness,adoration, petition

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