What Do You Think Of Wicca?


No arguments, No offensive comments please!


I think that it is not for me. I rarely hear from Wiccans over the age of 35. It’s probably just my bias showing, but it seems to be a young person’s thing.


How does one disagree with something without saying something that could be taken as argumentive, or offensive? I’ll attempt it as simply as I can… I think wicca is wrong.


what does one think of wicca?

i don’t.


I wasn’t sure how to respond to this thread, so I googled Wicca, and found this site.


I agree with all the stuff about nature. It is beautiful to be outside and marvelling at the sun and moon, and trees and stars.

I also agree with trying to use nature for remedies. Such as herbs for colds and flus.

However, it seems I disagree that there is a god AND goddess who helps with all this.

I believe it was all created by God.

I believe He put these herbs and wonders of nature here for us to use to their best intents, but I don’t believe any one of us can ever be divine.

I don’t believe in divination, or things such as tea leaves or crystal balls can be used by some to see the future.

Only God is divine.


Well, I don’t think, like some Christians, that Wiccans are worshipping Satan.

Most Wiccans that I speak with over the internet seem intelligent and polite.

I also know that WIcca is a religion that was invented recently and doesn’t have roots in prehistory like some Wiccans claim, but I do see Wicca as a religion.

Other then that, I don’t know what else to say about Wicca.


I think its a religion. Its not something I could practice.
I dont know very much about where it all started from.
I’m not sure too many Wiccans agree on that anyway?:confused:

Nice to meet you OP.


I think its a farce started within the past hundred years by a man who was either crazy, a con man, or something else. Having read enough Northern European mythology I can tell you the Pagans of yesteryear were, and they wern’t wiccan.

From my understanding most wicca revolves around nature. The desire to respect nature is built into us. God put us on this earth with the express desire that we tend to his garden. As our culture becomes more and more seperated from that, some people are going to recognize that innate call God put into us. There is something of God’s handprint in nature and people recognize it. So some people seek the devine in nature, unfortuantely some people take things to far and see nature as devine.

Now I havn’t really dealt much with wicca myself. Only one of my friends ever even considered it, and that probably had something to do with illicit substances. So most of my knowledge comes from reading.

Now as for it being a young people’s religion, I can’t say since I myself am 21 I’ve only met one person in high school who considered herself wicca, and I didnt know her motivations.


I really think many people are drawn innocently into wicca as a fairly innocuous alternative religion.
They have a motto, “first do no harm”, which sounds reasonable enough.
However, there is a darker side. There are some wiccans who are into blood sacrifice, and I believe that an abortion clinic in Florida is run by a practicing wiccan, who would undoutably get plenty of innocent victims there.
Also the motto after first do no harm goes on to say, but if you can’t then do what you must, or something like that-in other words, do what you want if you feel you want to.


It’s a faux variety of paganism-come-lately, that’s for sure. (Whoops–there goes the argumentative/offensive strictures). Nevertheless, I can find things to respect and like about an honest, conscientious pagan. It’s significant, though, that paganism needed reviving in the first place. Pace the Wiccan neo-folklore about the “burning times” and secret covens throughout history (makes the Landmarckians’ “Trail of Blood” look like rigorous historiography), paganism died out largely because of what it didn’t offer that Christianity did–a way out of the dreary iron wheel of recurrence, the whole snake-eating-its-own-tail business, freedom from having to placate indifferent or capricious spirits, or play one off against the other, from having to live by offering lip service. As Chesterton wisely noted, modern pagan nostalgia has it precisely backwards: it was paganism that was generally a somber, dully respectable, rule-bound grind of duty; Christianity that represented a fresh, almost wild breath of freedom. To turn Wiccan is to walk into a smaller and–dare I say it?–less magical world.

As Chesterton also pointed out, a sincere and open-minded pagan is to be commended: travelling the path of his predecessors in good faith, he’s likely in time to realise what happened to the last old Western pagan, and why–i.e., he got christened.


Whether one “believes” it or not, it’s an occult religion:
of or pertaining to magic, astrology, or any system claiming use or knowledge of secret or supernatural powers or agencies.


a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe, esp. when considered as the creation of a superhuman agency or agencies, usually involving devotional and ritual observances, and often containing a moral code governing the conduct of human affairs.

It’s roots are not of God, and in fact lead people away from God.
It’s dangerous and I would stay as far away from it as possible!


Wicca is a false religion based very loosely on various pagan religions. It’s become a fad in recent years especially among young people searching for spiritual fulfillment without having to answer for their choices that go against Christian doctrine.


Matthew 12:30
"He that is not with me, is against me: and he that gathereth not with me, scattereth." (DR)

Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters. (NAB)

Paul wrote to the Corinthians : “I am anxious about you. The serpent beguiled Eve with his cunning; what if your minds should be corrupted, and lose that innocence which is yours in Christ? Some newcomer preaches to you a different Christ, not the one we preached to you . . .” 2 Cor. 11).

Satan himself can pass for an angel of light. Don’t be beguiled.


I think the people that practice it are misguided, rebelleous, angry, hurt, want to be different, crave attention even if negative, are searching for meaning in their life, are looking for love and acceptance in wrong and potentially deadly soul stealing places. What do you think?


It’s rather silly, if you don’t mind me saying. It’s a religion for teenage girls that want to annoy their parents.


i’d have more respect for the practioners if they’d stop calling it ‘the old religion’ or the ‘old craft’… it was invented in england in the 1950s by a practitioner of a hodge podge of different pagan folk religions looking to have a viable market to sell his wares.

it’s not even as old as scientology.


Grace and Peace be with you all,

All I can say is that when my family and I attend Celtic Fairs we have such a good time pretending to be entering a more simple world of yester year with simple food, entertaining people in costume, and magic… :stuck_out_tongue:

I think in a lot of ways modern culture identifies with these more or less romanticized notions of yester year and the simple lifestyle they appear to project. I don’t believe that modern western culture likes to identify itself with Christianity. It’s dogmatic and in a certain sense oppressive. These romantic notions of ‘paganism’, like Wiccanism comes across as playful and to some degree sensual.

I agree with many of you and I might add that such romantic notions appeal mostly to our youth and will continue to do so as Wiccanism and paganism continues to grow and evolve.

It actually an interesting subject which should be addressed with more depth and care by the Church.



I think the people that practice it are misguided, rebelleous, angry, hurt, want to be different, crave attention even if negative, are searching for meaning in their life, are looking for love and acceptance in wrong and potentially deadly soul stealing places. What do you think?

My friend Trace is a wiccan. He is also is intelligent, comfortable with himself, rather quiet (doesn’t like too much attention), and generally a very kind and loving person. Therefore, your statement is incorrect at best; it’s hurtful, presumptious, prejudiced, judgemental, and unchristian at worst.

With that said, what makes you think that Wiccans are rebellious, angry, and hurt?


I bet if some authentic pagans were to be somehow transported to a modern-day Celtic fair, or even a witches’ coven, they would laugh their butts off.

Quite honestly, I think that preferring wicca or any species of paganism to Christianity is like being offered a pair of wings, but preferring to crawl around on your belly instead.


What he said.
I knew a “wiccan” (self proclaimed?) once. Didn’t find out much. So I did research myself on the “all-knowing” web. As with other pagan religions, they are searching for Truth (obviously). Much of what I found is the nature worship. They also live by a “reed”, or statement of belief, which is “do what you will, except that it harm none”. Of course, that statement depends on who writes it and their motives. To me, that’s short of the Golden Rule (Do to others as you would have them do to you). It almost gets to the Truth, but just doesn’t make it so of course it strays just like the desire to worship the divinity in nature, but never looking far enough to see its Maker. (Wisdom 13:7-9 - For [those who worship the created] search busily among His works, but are destracted by what they see, because the things seen are fair. But again, not even these are pardonable. For if they so far succeeded in knowledge that they could speculate about the world, how did they not more quickly find its Lord?) Wicca means “witch”, which comes from “rebellion”. The root is in that many people want to be “like gods” (see Genesis 3:5). The rebellion is against submission to the one God in faith. So that makes it wrong.
There were a couple that showed up at our parish for the feast of St. Francis and the past All Saints Mass. (strange? There is a connection that could be made to bring them to Truth.) They are truelly poor in spirit and know it. My paster and I were hoping they would continue to come so we may share with them because their faith in wiccan religion is evident and strong and could become very strong and active Christians. They need to know Christ and just how powerful it is to Forgive, Love, and to live under Grace.

I can somewhat relate to them in the nature thing. Every time I study the creation account and the Holy writings in Wisdom and Sirach, I long to know how it all points to the Lordship of the Word and the Majesty of the Creator. It about drives me crazy to listen to study the Theology of the Body because as deep as it may go, it’s only scratching the surface. The Church doesn’t seem to step into this very deeply at all…at least not that I found. If anybody can point in a direction, I would appreciate it…or am I seeking what is beyond me? Who knows, it could one day be used to bring a wiccan to what they seek.

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