What do you think regarding Andrej Pajic(male model who looks like feminine woman)?


You can google the name too if you need.
Whats the Catholic view on this meant to be?:eek:


In my old job (preparing magazine ads and brochures…many were for the fashion industry) I saw this a lot. Not really a ton of very effeminate men, but a LOT of androgynous looking women. Very bony and flat. We often marveled to each other that this androgyny was considered attractive? By whom? Plus the women were often made up to look very pale…almost grayish.

I don’t really know much about fashion. We didn’t take the photos or write the materials. We just put the stuff together and ran it off the printing press. But reading this article really brought me back to memories of my old job and the :ehh: faces I used to make at my computer screen.

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