What do you think: was it an angel of the Lord?


As I said before, in 1996 I went to London and looked for a room in someone’s home.
I tried three or four addresses but in the end chose the home of an old Irish Catholic couple.
I’ve told about this before but here I am giving you more details.
The old lady wanted 83 pounds but I offered her 90 a week.
I thought it was a very good start.
The lady gave me a large room and breakfast.
In the mornings I would come down for breakfast and the lady would give me tea and things, I can’t remember what.
She started asking me lots of questions but I thought it was normal. I thought she just wanted to get to know me.
I replied according to my beliefs, I am unable to just avoid subjects or be hypocritical.
She asked me about politics and stuff and I told her my opinion.
I remember only one or two of those questions because I was not giving the conversation any particular importance.
She asked me if I thought Rabin was a man of peace and I said well you know, you start a war and after 20 years you put a stop to it and you get a Nobel Prize.
The house was very large and in a good district and had high value but the husband had just been a factory blue collar boss and I think they must have had very little money because one they would not be renting rooms and two the wires and the switches were all very very old.
I also remember having thought, considering her talk, that the old lady was very attracted to money and once I just mentioned that the Bible said that the love of money was the root of all evil. To which she had made a mocking gesture.
These things must have put me in a bad light with her.
Plus the fact that one day a girl came to stay at the house and she started to attack me because of my religious beliefs. I don’t know why because I had never discussed religion with her but I presume the old lady had started hating me for being righteous and had told her to challenge me.
The young girl was very rude, arrogant and aggressive but I just answered with gags.
I wasn’t going to talk seriously with someone so rude who wanted to show off all the usual evolutionary mumbo jumbo.
Also one day a girl came to stay at the house and she would come out of her room in underwear when I left my room.
The lady started telling me off because according to her I didn’t like women.
Anyway, I never suspected anything wrong was going to happen. After all, I thought, we live in the free world and I have a right to do what I want provided I respect the law.

But something odd started happening one day.
I started having cough.
I didn’t give it too much thought because I had had cough before. Although the funny thing was that it was the warm season and I do not normally catch a cough when the weather is fine.
But after several days, while I was having my breakfast, the lady came up to me, and asked me about my health.
I’m alright I said.
Then she leaned towards me and, smiling, she said: “Oh, but you have a cough”.
Only then I started being puzzled. I started to think that something was not quite alright.
I was puzzled by her grin.
Why would anyone act like that? Smile as if glad that I was ill.
I finished my breakfast and I went out into the street pondering over what had happened.
Across the road there was a telephone booth so I rang my friend in Italy to discuss the thing with her.
As I was talking on the phone I see this scene: a young man in jeans and white T-shirt crosses the street to the other side.
When he gets to the middle of the street he stops and turns towards me.
I look at him carelessly but then I see this writing on his chest: “The problem is in the drink”.
Anyway, I stopped having breakfast with the old lady and the cough disappeared immediately.
I remember she had a niece who was a nurse in hospital and I had met her one day at home.
I suppose anyone else would have left that house immediately but I never have any fear and stayed on regardless.
Other things happened that were less important but in the end, because I was avoiding the company of the old lady and her husband I was asked to leave.
They said I had to leave because they wanted to go on holidays to Ireland.

What do you think: Was that young man an angel of the Lord, as I believe ?


I think that God works in mysterious ways, and that it is very possible.

A lady at my parish was telling me about something that had happened to her about 10 or more years ago. She had been diagnosed with a heart problem that would require her to take pills for the rest of her life. I think she was in her early 30’s when this happened. Her heart got so bad, that she was going to need a heart transplant in order to survive. So, one day, she was with one of her friends and having a very emotional day. She tells her friend, " I can’t do this anymore. I’m going to stop taking my pills." Well, her friend tried to encourage her by suggesting to decorate the pill box and things. She said she would consider it.

They were driving around and saw an obscure little store that sold angels. They went in and began to look around. They and the owner (a woman) were the only people in the store. They made their way to the counter where the owner was standing. The lady from my parish noticed a picture of a young woman and asked the owner if that was her daughter. The owner said, “Yes. She passed away a few years ago. She was diagnosed with a life-threatening heart problem which required her to take pills everyday for the rest of her life. She woke up one morning and said, I’m going to stop taking my pills…and died the next day.” This really shook the lady up because she said, “I said those exact words this morning.” The owner said she could believe it because many have stories of coming to her store and having something happen.

The lady gave the owner a hug and then began to walk out of the store with her friend. As they got to the door, there was a woman standing there facing away from her. The woman turned around and put her hands on the lady’s shoulders (and said something but I can’t remember that part). When she got outside, she turned to look back inside and the woman was gone. Only the owner was left. She looked at her friend and asked if she saw the woman at the door. Her friend said yes, but didn’t remember her going in or coming out. Well, shortly after, she went to the doctor for her check up and the results came back indicating that her heart had gotten better. They didn’t understand how this could happen because the stage of damage her heart had was unrepairable. Her heart isn’t 100%, but it had healed so much that she no longer needed the transplant. For the past 10 years, her heart has been slowly getting better.

We believe that the woman at the door of the shop could very well have been an angel.


Thanks so much for your input.
I love this kind of stories.
Thanks a lot


A lovely story Benedict…kinda scary…but comforting nontheless.

Perhaps it was…or maybe it was a one of those situations where the Lord crosswires someone’s situation with another. Perhaps the boy just happened to wear that particular shirt that day and God somehow guided him just where you were looking.


Another funny thing happened to me.
As I said before, I was living in a monastery about six years ago.
I was staying in a shack isolated in the middle of the countryside, at about 300 yards from the monastery’s building.
To cut a long story short, one night as I go back to my shack after dinner I start having apendicitis.
I didn’t know I was having a perforated type, very dangerous, so I hesitated.
The hours passed but my pain was ceaseless.
8 o’clock, 9 o’clock, 10 o,clock and I kept bending with pain.
I thought of going down to the monastery but I said maybe the nuns, being as I knew they were, will not do anything for me at this time of night.
12 o’clock and then I heard the sound of a small bell, quite quite clearly, that rang inside my hut.
I was puzzled because I knew for sure I didn’t have any bells with me.
Just to be sure I looked out of the window and out of the front door, in case there was someone outside, but no.
I then thought it was Our lady Mary urging me to do something quickly.
It was only then that I rushed down to the monastery and woke up the nuns.
The next morning I was operated urgently.
What do you think ?**


Maybe it was a message to you, maybe it was an anti-alcohol shirt, maybe it was both(as in it was an anti-alcohol shirt, but it made you think to stop drinking her tea).

Are you certain that your cough was from poisoned tea? I don’t know a lot about poison, but that seems like an odd thing to happen. If someone wanted to poison you, why would a cough be the desired effect? Why would she sit around plotting to give you a cough?

It is also quite concerning how many of your stories do involve poison or suspected poison. (Like that occultist man you said poisoned you and had you sleep in a shed. That also was quite scary.)

Anyway, I don’t know about it being an angel. If you were being poisoned, I think its very possible that the Lord sent you a warning.


I don’t know.
I have thought about it but then I don’t think I know enough to judge.
You see, they cannot poison you with rat poison until you die. The police would find out and they would go to jail.
What I think the occultist man in England gave me was an anti-coagulant for the blood.
If I had died, he could have easily said that I was taking the pills of my own initiative.

The Irish lady was probably giving me some dangerous bacteria that her nurse-niece brought her from hospital. Suppose it was some tuberculosis, or something like that.
They could have got away saying I had caught the illness somehow.

As regards the boy with the t-shirt, if that was just an ordinary t.shirt, why would he stop in the middle of the road, turn round and face towards me ?
It doesn’t make sense.
Normally he would have just crossed the road and all I would have seen of him was his back.


I don’t think I read it carefully enough. I didn’t catch the stopping in the middle of the street and facing you.

It could still be an ordinary boy and an ordinary t-shirt and the part where he feels he needs to stop and face you in the middle of the street was the Lord working through him.

Or angels wear t-shirts these days.:slight_smile:


Oh, but he was flapping his wings ! :smiley:


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