What do you think your first and more domanting feeling would be when you see your god?


Joy, regret, fear, surrender, desire…


I would probably say, “Oh my God!!!”

Then I would ask Him to take me on a field trip to see the entire universe He made. I would ask Him to bring a few angels along and maybe we could have lunch somewhere along the way.


I think I will be trying to become one with the floor.


Universe trip, yay, this looks wonderful.


Why so?


Because from the New Testament record, that seems to be the normal reaction to seeing the resurrected Jesus in all His glory. I can’t imagine that my reaction would be any different.


I worship God, not god.


Any biblical verse about it?


Well, for starters, the first chapter of the Revelation.


Where does it say you become one with the floor :eek:


First and dominant feeling will be JOY :smiley:


That was just my way of expressing it. Sort of like digging a hole, jumping in, and pulling the hole in after me.


No fear?

Sounds more like someone who is in shock.


I would probably cry and feel overwhelmed that He could love somebody like me.


I would probably hide my face and cry


We are created to be with God. It is in our nature that the highest happiness and bliss for us is to be in his presence.

God, in His mercy, does not force us to behold Him in the Beatific Vision until we have gone through Purgatory, so when we eventually behold Him, all of our sins and imperfections will be completely washed away. We will be perfect, and so we will be able to fully enjoy the bliss of the Beatific Vision.


That too.


There will be no fear or shock. More like wonder and awe.


I don’t know how I’ll feel…it is something beyond human understanding to comprehend being in the presence of God…but it will be GREAT…:extrahappy:



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