What do you think?

Hello Everyone,
Something different happened today. I go to Adoration every Monday at 4am. The lady who goes before me was not there today, there was a substitute. She left when I came. Usually no one else comes at that hour, but once in a while someone does.

Five minutes after my hour began, the bell rang. I went to open it and it was a very pleasant Hispanic man, we both said hello. People sign in when they come and I assumed he did.

He came into the chapel and genuflected, and put his head on the floor for a few minutes. He was praying softly in Spanish, usually people don’t pray out loud, but he did. I don’t understand Spanish. He got off the floor, but was still kneeling. He was getting louder and louder. I could understand “Thank you friend” and “Thank you Father, very much” He was very animated and his hand were going, just as though he was talking to a friend. I thought his voice cracked, but when I looked at him, he was not sad. I was sitting and looking at a book about Mary, but I couldn’t really concentrate. He prayed before the statue of Mary, and then he must of went to that alter and prayed before the Host. When I looked at up, he was walking toward me to shake my hand, he was smiling. I shook his hand and he hugged me and prayed, getting louder and louder, all the while shaking me and patting my head. This went on for about a full minute. When he was done I said “Thank you” and he pointed to the Crucifix and said in English “Thank Him”. I said “I will keep you in my prayers and he laughed and said “Good bye”. He left and I sat there for a minute. I went and looked at the book, he never signed. I looked out the door and saw no one and I saw no car leaving.

What do you think?


Today Nov 2 is El Dia de los Meuertos, the day of the Dead in the Hispanic culture. It is a national holiday in Mexico. It is a joyous holiday because of the belief (strong I might add) in the Resurrection. Even Good Friday down here is celebrated with happy Spanish songs (something being from the North I still have trouble feeling comfortable with). They celebrate the day with special meals etc and go to graves of relatives to clean, put flowers, etc. It is likely he was happy over the Resurrection and Christs sacrifice in terms of his deceased relatives since it is a primarily Catholic holiday. That’s my guess.

Oh, that is interesting, that could be it. He was happy. What a good man e must be.

I think the only answer one can give is “who knows”! Indeed it sounds strange, but it doesn’t sound like the man was insincere or irreverent during his visit to the Adoration Chapel.

As for him not signing in - perhaps he’s not a frequent visitor to that particular church and didn’t know that it is customary to sign in before adoration. In my local cathedral there is also a book for adorers to sign, but I generally don’t sign it - I would do so, perhaps if I was going to be there for a long time, or if there was no one else adoring at the same time as I.

Who knows why he was praying out loud & and getting louder. I know some cultures can be more or less vocal than others while they are at prayer. Some have different means and traditions for expressing their faith. He may have been simply overjoyed by something - perhaps he had got positive news from the doctor; maybe a seemingly impossible prayer was answered.

As to why you saw no one when you looked out the door - I don’t know. You say you sat for a minute after he left and then you looked at the book. I expect you were rather taken aback at the experience of meeting this man, so perhaps you sat for longer than you thought… Only you know what you saw, but from what you have told us, strange though it is, I wouldn’t read too much in to it.

Hiyas mkmom4 :slight_smile:

I think its a beautiful testimony as to how a persons devotion can stir us.

This gentleman seems to be one of those Inspirational messengers…that we are all called to be.

I would treasure this encounter that moved me.

You are right, I believe he was an Inspirational messenger sent when I needed it. It really did move me. I may have sat longer as there was much to think about. He had a joy and peace and I will try to remember and emulate it going forward. Thanks all.

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