What Do You Watch Most On T.V?


Court Tv,

I watch Catholic TV shows when I can. But sometimes I rot my brain with the so-called “news”.

Sports! Of course. Although ewtn and catholic tv have been creeping in more and more. IMO, I prefer listening to catholic radio more than watching tv. But that is true of tv vs radio in general with me.


Ooops, I do watch EWTN so I guess I shouldn’t’ve clicked the “don’t watch T.V.” one…:o


My TV is either on the news or EWTN, but we do love the sitcoms, such as Reba and Everybody Loves Raymond.

sprots and ewtn :slight_smile:

I am hooked on 2 dramas per week & a bit of news in the morning.

We enjoy comedies mostly… usually on the commercials we’re flipping over to EWTN…

If at all, news and documents. The latter mostly history/archaeology or geography/zoology/travels/whatever.

24, LOST and American Idol

Sports, sports, and sports. Baseball, football, basketball. That’s pretty much the only tv I make time for. I don’t have time for all of the sitcoms, reality shows, and such.

Almost anything on EWTN, Heroes, Bones, and House. NASCAR and football (American) play pretty heavily when I have time, but I’m addicted to an on-line game so I’m running out of time. Maybe if I didn’t have to work . . . :frowning:

Comedy. Mostly I just watch DVDs of the American version of The Office and of monty Python’s Flying Circus. Don’t have the patience to sit through commercials, LOL.

there’s no option to select “drama” which is what we watch more often than not

I don’t watch much t.v. But when I do:

The Simpsons

I needed a “none of the above” choice. I love American Idol and Dancing with the Stars, and anything else like that. I used to watch Lost and Heroes, but with the breaks between episodes, I pretty much lost interest in them. I like Crossing Jordan, House, ER, the nice gory medical type shows, and Monk. If I have the choice though, I like disaster movies…anything from plane dramas (the High and the Mighty was on a few days ago) to volcanos and tornados. The Sci Fi channel will have whole days of those kinds of movies, and I’m in hog heaven.

We like CSI Crime Scene Investigators, NCIS, Criminal Minds, Discovery Civilization, and How It’s Made.

We also like the movies of Jackie Chan, Tim Burton, and Quentin Tarantino.

I didn’t answer the poll because none of those categories fit us.

I love Jackie Chan, and I hate to admit I thought Pulp Fiction was a terrific movie. And Grosse Pointe Blank, too. I hardly go to the movies anymore…twice in the last year, to see something with Russell Crowe where he inherited a vineyard, and Dreamgirls. I’m a TV girl, but not DVDs and videos.

DH & I watch Fox News, EWTN, Food Network, HGTV, College Basketball (Go Gators!), Pro Football (Go Steelers!), 24 (Go Jack Bauer!:smiley: ), Dancing With The Stars, American Idol (although at times it’s annoying), and Survivorman. DH likes to watch movies, but there aren’t many I care to see :shrug: so I’ll usually get on the computer.

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