What do you wear to mass?



Do you believe that we should dress formally for Mass or does this not matter much to you? I found the above video interesting.


I don’t wear a suit and tie - even our ushers don’t dress that well for Mass. We are a beach community, and people dress casually. I typically wear a polo shirt or collared short-sleeve shirt with slacks, not jeans, but that’s my choice - it’s about as dressed up as I ever get. Others come in shorts and sandals, but I am not offended, and I hope God is not either.
I know I’ve just stepped into the minefield, as some people have very strong opinions about clothing at Mass. I can certainly respect that.


I dress the way I would if I were going to a family dinner. Which, essentially, I am.


I suppose it is more about where the Church actually is.


I wear neat, clean clothing suitable for the particular occasion, my day, and the weather.

I do not believe in dressing a particular way (other than neat, clean, and modest) as a way to “show respect”. If that were the case, we should be coming to Mass in a uniform and everyone attending Mass should either buy one or if too poor, be issued one.


I go to Daily Mass straight from work, which means that today I’ll get there in the same togs I biked to work in; shorts and a t shirt. If I go to the Sunday Mass I wear a clean t shirt. I’ve noticed in my four years of attending Mass that I have yet to be the worst dressed person present. In winter I switch to jeans and a sweatshirt, though I should point out that my sweatshirts are adorned with large Celtic Crosses.

The old cult I attended put a LOT of emphasis on dress and grooming which I seldom paid attention to. I’m still a rebel when it comes to dressing up and even gave away my last tie so I’d never have to wear one again. Weddings; take me as I am or don’t invite me. I probably won’t come anyway. Funerals; no one should be scrutinizing the mourners at a funeral.


I can’t really afford a suit let alone suits but I dress to my means. Always clean, never stained, no logos or anything distracting.


I wore shorts to mass once and the altar server didn’t show up so they asked me to do it. That was the last time I wore shorts to mass.

Generally, if I’m not wearing a cassock and surplice, I’m wearing pants and a button down shirt. If I’m feeling really radical, I wear sandals.


My ‘out of office’ default is jeans, Doc Martens and a band or TV show t-shirt. On a Sunday in the Cathedral I’ll wear a plain sleeved top out of consideration for others present - but sometimes on visits to other cities for gigs I’ll still try to make Mass locally before the show…band t-shirt and all. So the Priest in Sheffield’s St. Marie’s Cathedral has definitely heard of The Mission now!

I tend to avoid my ‘Walking Dead’ t-shirts though lol! :woman_zombie:


I generally go with the shirt and tie. I don’t mind wearing ties. I had to do it in high school. I’ve had to do it in any adult job I’ve ever had. So I feel weird “dressing down” when going to Mass from how I’d normally dress going to work.



It is house of the Lord.
God likes veils, but not required. Mother Mary has veil.

I saw everybody in uniform of white long dress like Jesus when entering the heaven.
So, it must be what God likes.


Nah. Let me show you how it’s done…


… Clown suit.



Me too.
When my best friend, Bob, died he was buried in his favorite outfit of bib overalls flannel shirt, and ball cap. If i had shown up wearing a three piece suit he might have just reached up and smacked me one.


I don’t think God has a fashion preference…

And the outfits you show may not be appropriate, but are hardly sacrilege.


If I am not reading at Mass I wear dress pants and nice blouses. If I am a reader I wear a dress or a skirt and nice blouse. Our Priest asked that female readers wear dresses or skirts to read and males wear dress shirts and ties.


For a shirt, I generally wear a polo or plaid button-down shirt. Anything more formal than that tends to be uncomfortable to wear, and I don’t want to be distracted by how uncomfortable I am. I can tolerate toddlers yelling at the top of their lungs, but uncomfortable clothing is a little too much.


My hasty fault. Immodesty not sacrilege.

Women should dress themselves modestly and decently in suitable clothing, Tim 2:9

For if a woman will not veil herself, then she should cut off her hair; but if it is disgraceful for a woman to have her hair cut off or to be shaved, she should wear a veil. Cor 11:6

The Spirit speaks to me God likes the head veil when praying, but not require.

How much the body flesh reveals to others is the manner of dress. In a less proper sense any transgression against the virtue of propriety of religion.

Modesty in the way we dress is not just for church; it is to be the standard for all Christians at all times.


Well, those passages show that Paul liked veils…


I wear normal attire. I have gone to Mass with short sleeves on occasion, but do recognise that generally, as a matter of respect, long sleeve tops are more appropriate.

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