What does a Music and Liturgy director do?


I’ve been leading music in the Catholic Church for 40 years. For the first time in my ministry I am facing the possibility that I may be asked to become the Director of Music and Liturgy at my parish.

Well, I know how to run a music program but I am a bit lost to know what I will do as the ‘Liturgy’ director.

I have studied Liturgy as it pertains to music these past 40 years but I just wonder what will be the day to day tasks for that roll.

thank you for reading and for any insights you may offer.

I have heard the the only difference between a liturgist and a terrorist is that you can negotiate with a terrorist. I hope that won’t be true in my new career! :o



Since you'll be doing Music and Liturgy, maybe you'll get a raise! :D

I got nuthin' else but congrats and prayers! :cool:


You might not be doing anything you aren’t already doing. My husband is the music liturgist and his job is to plan the psalm and hymns to be used at Mass, schedule and train the cantors, choose music for the choir and rehearse them, provide music for special Masses and services, and play the organ and piano at Mass. If they are calling you the Music and Liturgy director, they may want you to get the readings and petitions ready for Mass and be in charge of scheduling the readers and altar boys.


Well, probably just getting more work to do...:D

You will probably be responsible for "managing" any liturgical ministries in your parish. It's going to depend on what you have going on in your parish and whether or not these areas are seen as being a part of liturgy. It's also going to depend on how many people are involved in your parish. Examples might be Lectors/Readers, EMHCs, Sacristans, Altar Servers, Ushers/Greeters, decorators, etc. If the groups are large there is probably a group head. Your job will be to make sure everyone works together. You probably already have to interface with wedding coordinators, funeral planners, the RCIA leaders, and the religious education folks to provide music. Now you will probably have to do so for all the other liturgy areas as well.

If your priests like to delegate such things they might want you to pick different liturgical options for given Sundays. The priest has final say, of course, but many prefer not to have to think about it. For some of the more "unusual" liturgies (like Christmas, Easter Vigil, Scrutinies, Palm Sunday) you might need to be or designate an MC to make sure everyone is in the right place at the right time.

Again, a lot of this will depend on what happens at your parish and how much your pastor, assistants, and deacons handle, but those are some possibilities.


When I was Liturgy Committee Chairperson I scheduled the readers, EMHCs and gift bearers (they brought up the gifts at Offertory); I scheduled and gave training to the EMHCs and readers; I prepared Penitential Services; I made sure things were in place for the various liturgies and helped the sacristan if she needed me. I also prepared workshops for the committee members to help them understand the documents better.


I am a liturgy director (I don’t do the music but supervise the music director). I write the petitions each week, prepare the books, especially for any additional rites at Mass such as RCIA, Baptisms, etc. I coordinate and train liturgical minsters. I am also expected to keep very much up to date with any new liturgical directives, which is easy for me since Iam on the diocesan liturgy commission. I also write on the liturgy for the bulletin and teach courses on liturgy and sacraments for the parish. I coordinate RCIA and the Baptism program.

I also have a degree in Liturgy. It would be helpful if you took some liturgy courses. As music director are you a member of NPM? Their convention is in two weeks in Pittsburgh and they have lots of liturgy workshops at the convention. Make sure you read the liturgy documents (available in two books from LTP). Contact your diocesan Worship Office and ask for help, that is what they are there for.


Thank you all for your wonderful replies.

We look forward to our new roll at our Parish.

Peace be with all of you and your Parishes.

God bless


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