What does "Abstinence only 99.99% effective" mean?

I saw a guy with a shirt on that said this and I was confused at first because I don’t exactly understand it. What does it actually mean? I am probably just thinking too much into it, which I usually do!!:D:D:D

The Virgin Mary!

It’s probably a sarcastic and ironic reference to artificial birth control. It’s trying to make a point. Since condoms/the pill always say things like “98% effective” as a means of advertisement. This t-shirt, it seems, is making fun of that by saying “99.99% effective” and as we know from school, 99.99% may as well be 100%. In other words, abstinence trumps all other things in being effective.

LOL - It means that abstinence failed once. IE - A Virgin conceived a child… Perhaps it’s clearer now :wink:

As a less humorous interpretation, (in addition to those above) it could also refer to the fact that Abstinence does not fully protect you from violence and rape!

A victim of such crimes is certainly not guilty of breaking their abstinence.

I believe this is the t-shirt referenced.

Well I think the T-Shirt confirms it. The Virgin Mary. :slight_smile:

LoL, this shirt is not a pro-religion shirt just in case anyone thought it was.

Out of all the humans on earth, abstinence worked, except one. The shirt is trying to infer that mary was not actually literally a virgin. Just thought I’d let you guys know so you dont go buy one thinking its pro-religion.


I don’t think that is what the shirt is trying to infer…she was abstinent and became pregnant.

I don’t see how the shirt is inferring that she was not a woman of marrying age? :wink:

That is the whole point that they are making you see, not everyone thinks mary was a virgin. Those people just happen to be similar to those that aren’t pro-abstinent.

didnt mean to burst anyones bubble, just look at some of the other tshirts for sale on the website, like the sarcastic “brb” jesus tshirt for reference if it helps :thumbsup:

It is a joke T-Shirt. In no way does it actually suggest that Mary was not a Virgin. That would be an inference, not an implication.

Lol - that is quite brilliant, actually! It is a reference to the Virgin Mary :slight_smile: Very cute.

Not to be a killjoy, but mathematically that shirt should have another 6-7 nines on it to be statistically correct… :stuck_out_tongue:

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