What does Admonish the Sinner involve?


In other words, what constitutes it necessarily?

Pointing out that "X is a sin"?


warn, repremand, advise and urge are the four words that describe it in my dictionary.

It all depends on the circumstance and the authority you have over an individual (stranger vs your child etc etc ) .

We are children of the light and we don’t want someone spiritually dying or rotting in dangerous sin.


Primarily, it involves calling attention to a certain thing the person is doing as being sinful, and it is best done (in my opinion) diplomatically, privately, charitably, and with an eye to educate. Also recall it is but one of the seven spiritual works of mercy. If done badly, i.e., in a shrill, accusatory, and condemnatory manner, it may actually make the sinner dig his heels in deeper rather than stop and reconsider his behavior. Be very careful when doing it, and make sure you can do it well before proceeding. And be absolutely certain that you yourself are not giving bad example in the same matter!


=Ana v;10260072]In other words, what constitutes it necessarily?

Pointing out that "X is a sin"?

HUGE question my friend.

Caution: carefully and prayerfully

Prudence and Charity are requisites.

Let God present the opportunity

PRAY B4 doing it for guidence

Always do it PRIVATELY

Do it factually and be prepared to KNOW and defend the REASON WHY it is sinful

The Bible says; the Catechism says, the Cchurch Teaches ect. NEVER presented as a personal opinion.

Do not force; SHARE the truth; don't condem! Let God be the Judge

Thank you for asking and most importantly Know and live OUR Faith publically.

God Bless you,


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