What does "amen" mean?

I’ve heard that it means “let it be,” but in what sense does it mean this? Is it a request like “please let what I have prayed for be?” Is it a submission to God as in “let it be according to Your will?” Is it some other sense of the phrase or a different phrase entirely?

I was told it meant “I agree”

I am pretty sure it means “let it be” or “it stands as it is”

It means “so be it” in Hebrew.

It’s also often translated as “truly” in context of Christ’s sayings that begin “Amen, Amen, I say to you…”

I was always taught that it meant “I believe”.

So was I. Here’s how CA answers the question:


‘So be it’ - so sayeth the google…

I always thought it was a contraction of the Hebrew: אני מאמין, I believe.

In Hebrew and Greek it means verily, truly, so be it

Like Cosi sia in Italian, its emphatic. Like saying that’s the way it is! Verrai!

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