What does brown cervical mucus mean?


ok, I"m sorry, this is kinda grose.

I’ve heard that some women (especially if they have a tilted uderus) can have some residual menstral blood in their mucus, which causes it to have kind of a brown color. is this true?

my uterus is tilted (so said my OB last year), but I’ve never had any blood in my mucus. until this month. it’s been kind of brownish for the last fiew days. my period ended about a week ago. any thoughts? does it address this issue in “the art of natural family planning”? could it mean something bad? I had a normal pap very recently. could it mean that I had a miscarrage? or am I just paranoyed?

any comfort you NFB experts out there can offer would be greatly appriciated.


It means see your gyn. The internet isn’t a very good place to look for medical advice. Best of luck!


I realize that, but I really can’t do that on the weekend, and I figured since there are a lot of NFPers on here, they might more knowlage about interprating different kinds o fmucus. that’s all.I wasn’t asking for a diagnosis.


Sue–check out the NFP board on Delphiforums.


thanks for sharing that. I didn’t know that there was an NFP board :slight_smile: I appriciate that very much!


That always regularly happened to me in the days following my period, so it was like having an almost 2 week period :frowning: Oddly, about a year ago, it stopped.


It may mean you have a mild infection. It could also mean that your progesterone is too high or too low, or it could mean that you are pregnant and the baby is implanting. Many women have this type of mucus at the time of implantation. I am not any sort of medical expert- just an NFP’er who has the same problem sometimes.


From what I’ve read, if you see red coming out when you go to the bathroom, then you probably need to call a doctor.

Then again, I wouldn’t really know - I just happened to be the oddball (I’m always the odd one out.) that got the strange anatomy (or lack of it - and only well… 2 exits down there instead of 3). I’m not sure where I read it - probably when seeing my gynacologist back when I was a teenager - started me on estrogen (yep, “The Pill”… granted, I have no natural estrogen hormones).

I guess the good news would be no bloody bathroom problems… of course, I can’t have kids though. Nothing can get in or out.

But, anyway, I do remember reading that “red liquid = bad”. It was a common checkup question, I believe.


Have you been examined for ovarian cysts? The mucus could be from one(s) that have broken. In any case, see your OB/Gyn about it.


You should see your ob/gyn. However, since you said that your period ended a week ago, you’re probably ovulating. Occassionally there is brown or red mucus (very little) the week following the end of my period and I know that this can be very common during ovulation (I also sometimes feel pain in the ovary area at the same time). Just based on the fact that you may have a regular cycle, you should be nearing (or at) the ovulation time of your cylce.


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