What does CAF think of Fr Ripperger?


Ive been listening to him on YouTube. His channel, sensusfidelium, has all of his talks. I like a lot of what he says but some of what he says troubles me especially his views on NFP and music and the marital debt. What does CAF think of him?


It depends on who you ask. He’s generally more popular in Traditionalist circles.


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I love him, learned a lot about psychology and the temperaments and predominant faults and a host of other good things from him. He does error in at least one teaching I know of but overall very solid.


A friend of mine really likes him, but I’ve never listened to any of his talks. And yes, he is popular in traditional-leaning circles.


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I listened to a couple of his talks. He’s another in the long line of traditionalist Internet priests who occasionally have something interesting or good to say, and at other times sound like they need a tinfoil biretta.
He goes a bit overboard on devil stuff sometimes.


I think I listened to one of his video on prayer. I feel bad that I didn’t continue.


I don’t think Sensus Fidelium is his own personal channel. I believe it belongs to someone else; I could be wrong, but I don’t think it’s his.

I generally like all his talks and agree with most of his viewpoints.


I don’t think he likes “Harry Potter.” That would put him at odds with the ones who do like Harry P. I wonder what he thinks of “The Wizard of Oz” and the other fairy tales.


@SacredHeartBassist , who is Fr Ripperger ?

I have never heard of him . :confused:


I love him. He doesn’t preach what people want to hear, he preaches truth. I admit that some of his statements are far-fetched, but for the most part I prefer him over broken record wishy-washy priests.


As an anxiety-prone person, I’m not sure his style is the best for me. Or maybe I’m just a bad Catholic.


Some of what he says troubles the church


I think he is right on…and he is completely consistent with Catholic Teaching as far as I have been able to tell and I listen to him A LOT. He merely is pointing out the best way to live as a saint…and yes, living a more traditional life does adhere itself to a more saintliness. Beware of Modernism…It is the new heresy. (Sorry, Modernists…Demons do exist…It is in Catholic Teaching. This priest is an Exorcist). I am a woman who has lived the modern life-style and have regretted it completely…I am tired of trying to be like a man…I want to be a woman like I was meant to be…I think men truly want to be men and women, if they weren’t so proud, would see the value in being pure woman…taking that humble place as woman…as Mary did.


There’s a handful of Priests that I really like - Fr. Ripperger is one of them.
He’s quite good with his various exorcism talks.
Fascinating. Spiritual warfare tips.
Downs Harry Potter - lol - yes !
He also does a talk on each of the seven deadly sins.
Has a pretty good refined sense of humor too.

I like Father Casey too - Father Corapi is fun.


I do recall listening to a sermon of his on YouTube about suffering that I found really helpful when I was going through a horrible time. I think I would perhaps be interested in what he has to say on spiritual warfare but haven’t listened to him a lot otherwise. I suspect his no-nonsense approach is a breath of fresh air in a sea of wishy washy sentiments but I could also see where some of his heavy sermons might be something that scrupulants should be careful about listening to.


I love Fr. Ripperger. He is very traditional, but he also calls out faults of traditionalists. Listening to him has helped me to better identify some of the problems in my life that impede my growth in holiness.

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