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My name is Jordan Dotson and my point of being here is for the LORD…i dont seek these things on my own authority but from HIM from whom all things are recieved! I was raised Lutheran and I still consider myself as such but on some different terms…We have allowed ourselves to be divided on trivial issues and have not united ourselves before the LORD. So I consider myself to be a follower of CHRIST rather than rally behind the secular portions and fragments of Church or the Church(S) (1 Corinth. 3, 12:12-31). I am here because I want to call to center stage the traditions (Mark 7), the rosary (Matt. 6:5…JESUS pretty much calls that to order), Mary (in terms of the Catholic view or uses of the Mother)…but yeah (Matt 7:7 has that one as well…of whom are we called to ask things…AND IN WHOSE NAME!!!), the Saints (Matt 11:25…CHRIST gives rest, and restores the weary soul), Dividing of energies into various other figures other than the ONE and only GOD…(Matt. 22:37)…how can we divide ourselves…we must commit completely to the LORD and not to other things or people…ONLY THE THREE IN ONE!!! MARK 9:7…“AND A CLOUD OVERSHADOWED THEM, AND A VOICE CAME OUT OF THE CLOUD, ‘THIS IS MY BELOVED SON; LISTEN TO HIM’”…what exactly does that mean…how does CHRIST teach us to pray???LUKE 11…JESUS TEACHES us to PRAY…no hail mary in that? OR perhaps LUKE 11:27. so who is the Greatest…LUKE 22:24…that being ONLY CHRIST no one else…or LOOK AT THIS…COL.2:18; REV 22:8,9) the New Testament forbids worship of angels and other beings…or JOHN 4:36…and then JOHN 14:14…only ask it in the name of the LORD CHRIST!! not in any saint or mary!!! The fact is when we turn to these saints or other people we must recognize that there was only one True, Good and Holy person…being JESUS (Romans 3:9)…NO ONE IS RIGHTEOUS…and Finally Colossians 2:6, 16-23. May the LORD in his Holy MERCY and GRACE continue to open our eyes and use us as tools for HIS Glory!!!


Catholic means Universal… Correct me if Im wrong


p u n c t u a t i o n.

know it.
learn it.
live it.


I just want clarification exactly what the Catholic faith believes…what does it mean to be Catholic…who do you pray to what is the value of Saints, Mary…and so on i want the entire take on it…please people commit yourselves to a complete answer with Biblical backing…for we cannot say what we want to say, we must say what the LORD CHRIST has taught us!


Welcome to the forums Jordon. I hope you enjoy your stay here. You will find that you have entered a place filled with knowledgeable Catholics that are truly on fire for the Lord. Moreover, if you have an open mind you will find that Catholic teaching and practice can all be supported by scripture.

The word Catholic means “universal.” The Church Jesus established is universal. It is for all men for all time and in every age. The Church Jesus established was first described as Catholic by Ignatius of Antioch who was a first century bishop who was discipled by the apostle John. The term and name still remains attached to the Church Jesus established through our own day.


you’ve come to the right place, but it might take a while to go through it all. Why not read the material on www.catholic.com to get a good overview, then ask some more specific questions?


I would suggest that you go to catholic.com It is the main site for Catholic Answers which sponsors this forum. There are brief articles on all of the points you have listed here with references to Scripture and other sources (such as early Church fathers).

Then, you may be able to narrow down your question. It is too big for one thread.


Ok, I got crazy there for a bit. I am sorry as my excitement tends to, at moments, get the best of me! I would like to know what the role of Mary the mother of GOD is in terms of her relation to the Catholic faith as well as the individual Catholic’s relation to Her. I want to understand her place but I also want Biblical backing. Thanks to all who take the time to reply and again, I apologize for my recent outbreak.



The Catholic faith is entirely Christ centered. Mary and the saints draw us by their example to Jesus. All prayers that we make that ask for intercession are still Christ centered. It is no different to ask Mary and the Saints to pray on our behalf than it is to ask a family member or friend to pray for us as well.

The value and power of the intercession of Mary and the Saints is, however, greater than that of you or me praying for one another. We know this because scripture tells us so.

James 5:16 says, “The prayer of a righteous man has great power in its effects.”

Likewise, we should be aware that the truly “just and righteous” reside in heaven. Scripture has the following to say in that regard:

Hebrews 12:22-23
"But you have come to Mount Zion and to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to innumerable angels in festal gathering, and to the assembly of the first-born who are enrolled in heaven, and to a judge who is God of all, and to** the spirits of just men made perfect,**"

While I ask many people to pray for me and my needs and intentions, I also ask my friends in heaven to pray for me as well. Jesus loves his mother and the saints. None of us is separated from Jesus. Anyone that is a friend of Jesus is a friend of mine.


Much better. Welcome, friend.


We pray to Our Lord Jesus Christ, we pray to the Holy Spirit, we pray to God the father, and we also pray to Mary, the Saints, and the Angels - although in a different way, because we don’t recognize Mary, the Saints, or the Angels to be omnipotent. Basically even if we don’t mention Jesus is a prayer - we are still asking the saints to plead our case in heaven, because all they can do as pray. The same for Mary, although I’ve heard (from some Orthodox on the board, although it makes sense none the less) that there are times when she helps us out right - seeing the need of her children, and the fact that there might not be time to plead our entire case in heaven - although God’s time and our is different so it is possible that she goes through the ordinary process in just a few seconds or even miliseconds. :thumbsup:

Anyways, one biblical quote that I have regarding saints is from Hebrews 12:1 -

"1 And therefore we also having so great a cloud of witnesses over our head, laying aside every weight and sin which surrounds us, let us run by patience to the fight proposed to us: "

Also Vulsearch tells me that the word “saints” appears 117 times in the Bible so, and even though it seems that many times these passages reference to living people I feel that it may benefit you to check them.

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and some from the New Testament
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Oh well - I’m tired so that’ll be enough for now! :smiley:



Want to learn what the Catholic Church teaches?

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Use the CCC


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I hope this helps!


I am a convert to Catholicism and I fully understand where you are coming from. Essentially, where you will differ from Catholics is on this. You are a Sola Scripturist. The Bible is your sole authority on God.

As a Catholic, we have three authorities which never contradict each other but work in harmony:
1.The Word/ Bible (of course)
3.The Magisterium (authority of church leaders).

Heres’ why it makes sense. When Paul wrote his Epistles, he was writing from his position in the Church as a leader. The same with Peter. “Scripture” at that time meant OT exclusively.

Also people had Church for over 300 years before the Bible Cannon was decided upon. The early church decided which books were Scripture and which weren’t. With some exceptions (books being removed), Prots still use that same Cannon today.

So many things happened that not all the books in the world could contain all that he did. Do you not recognise that some traditions may have passed down orally?


This is in response to **davidarlette ** AND MOST OTHERS I ASSUME

Where I come into disagreement is when Christians, all over the spectrum of Faith, compromise CHRIST. That is my “beef” if you will. I also disagree with your statement that those three things that you have listed, can ever work in HARMONY. How can the heads of Church work in perfect harmony with the BIBLE. The Bible is the WORD of our LORD. Much like GOD chose all the leaders of the world, he chose those people who are in any position of authority but in no way does he mean that they work in Perfect Harmony with Scripture because if you look at Romans 3:9, that states clearly and without any loop holes that there is no one good…that no one seeks after the LORD and that all fall short of the Glory of Christ. Even with all the scandles in the Catholic church, how can one say that that is in harmony with Scripture. I am not bashing on that cause I am MOST CERTAIN that I am no different in my sin! Even when we approach Psalms, we see that even David himself had an unclean heart and David being the chosen King of all the people of God (Ps.51). If David was flawed then certainly it takes no stretch to imagine that all, in every religion, have fallen short and in fact dont work in Harmony with Scripture but only through Mercy are we led to understand scripture. Only the Law of the LORD is perfect (Ps 19) and our only Source to the Father. Priest or Pastors or Fathers can no more reveal the LORD than you or I. It is only through CHRIST that our eyes are opened. The point being is that we dont need any of those other things to have that relationship with the LORD. Christ said the only way to the Father is through the Son! That is the only way it does nto say that well there are a few ways along with CHRIST…such as the Church and Traditions…no because no tradition we do in the eyes of the LORD brings us any closer to HIM. Psalm 53 states that there is NONE THAT DO GOOD. There is no room for misinterpretation. Christ is the Word because the Word was with God and the Word was God. We, from that, draw that Christ is the Living Word of God and the Bible being the Word of God means that this all means HIM, it all points to HIM. So if this is the Word of God or Christ then why the need for Traditions or the Church. Our only Church is as the Body of Christ. I am not trying to convert I dont care what you call yourself as long as CHRIST is the Center of YOUR FAITH and recognize that only HE IS NECESSARY and ONLY HE CAN DRAW YOU TO HIMSELF AND THE FATHER. If you feel that you need the CHURCH or you NEED Traditions, then ask yourself, WHY DOES CHRIST NOT SUFFICE, OR WHY IS HE NOT SUFFICIENT. You have all told me all the reasons why we need these other things but think that if we did not have one but only the WORD being CHRIST, then would that be enough! Or go the other way…if we did not have CHRIST, would any of those other things get YOU INTO HEAVEN? If your answer is NO then how can they do you any good now? If we agree that only CHRIST is sufficient, then what is the difference of having all these other things or not having them! "For by works of the LAW NO HUMAN BEING WILL BE JUSTIFIED IN HIS sight, since through the law comes knowledge of SIN."Romans 3:20. And to further state something, Look at Col. 2:16-end of chapter. It says to not be fooled into the worship of angels and going on in detail about visions…and NOT HOLDING FAST TO THE HEAD. It also warns about Asceticism and “angelic worship before the throne of God and to attain to ecstatic prayer through asceticism and strict observance…in this case, ‘worship of angels’ would mean ‘worship along with angels’…but the appearance given by Colossians is that the Church was being tempted to worship not God but spirits intermediate between God and humans” ie Mary, Saints, Angels etc. Even the act of praying to them to speak on our behalf is wrong for they can do you NO GOOD NOR CAN THEY CAUSE YOU ANY HARM. The only one to speak on our behalf is CHRIST SO WHY NOT JUST USE HIM? ABANDON THE WORLD AND ITS SIN AND PICK UP YOUR CROSS AND FOLLOW CHRIST!!


Just one question OP, where does the Bible make the claim that itself is the “Word of God”? More specificly, where does the Bible make the claim that the New Testament is the “Word of God”?


Actually, best I can tell, the problem isn’t punctuation. There’s plenty of punctuation!

If the poster is actually hoping for some answers, paragraph breaks would be extremely helpful. There’s so much text crowded together in those posts my eyes glaze over trying to read it. :hypno: Here’s an example of a paragraph break:

Also, dotsonjo, try keeping each thread narrowed down to one topic. You have several questions. Make each one its own thread. If you spend some time at catholic.com first, you might have fewer questions, too. :thumbsup:

May the Lord Bless You.


If you want to know what the Catholic Church believes, the best place to start is by buying a copy of the Catechism of the Catholic Church this will tell you the Churches theaching on many topics.


Or view it online…


Go to numerous other threads all on these topics. Use this website (catholic.com), fisheaters.com, scripturecatholic.com, and drbo.org to search for answers. They are there, just open up your mind and heart and look.



Do you really think that Catholics would disagree with this statement? Do you really believe that Catholics believe that we should stick to the world and its sin as opposed to following Jesus?

You have much to learn about Catholics and their beliefs.

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