What does Christian Hope mean to you?

Please help me understand what the virtue of hope means. Tell me what it means to you!

A reasonable anticipation for God.

Dear friend

To hope we must first believe in Christ Jesus and trust in His Promises and even as awful as we are, we still then have hope in Him. He is our Hope, we keep this hope even when everything around us would indicate that there seems no possibility of hope; we hope in our Hope, Christ Jesus.

God Bless you and much love and peace to you


To Hope, we must have faith that we are strong enough to achieve Heaven. If we do not have the courage to achieve this state of holiness necessary to attain heaven, then why try? When people lose hope, they lose sight of their goals, and they begin the downward spiral into sin.

That’s why it’s so important to have Faith (in God), Hope (in ourselves), and Love (for others). Each of these three are dependent on the others. It’s like a stool. Once you lose one of these legs, you’ll go crashing down.



“The men signed of the Cross of Christ
Go gaily in the dark.”

  • Ballad of the White Horse, G. K. Chesterton

That line really struck me when I read the ballad for school and I’ve used it as a signature ever since. It’s a reminder of the need for and beauty of that trust in God’s mercy on us poor sinners that allows us to be cheerful knowing His love and the good things He has in store for us and that He will help us attain, even when things are rough. That to me is hope: trusting that God in His mercy will help us both in this life and ultimately to attain everlasting life.

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