What does Christmas mean to you?

I know it’s a little early to start talking about Christmas, but in the Western world, Christmas started in July(!)

If you could some up what Christmas means to you, to your family,to your friends, in ten words or less, what would they be?
For me it’s “Chop up vegetables, now chop up radio! Hate these songs!”

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The Word was made flesh and dwelt among us. Alleujah


The night that heaven met earth.

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Mass for Sunday, Mass for Christmas. No twofers this year.

That God who (does NOT NEED ME IN ANY WAY,SHAPE or FORM) is ALL knowing, Omnipotent, EVERYTHING good- lowered Himself to our human level. He allowed Himself to be born of a human female. He became a human male infant and when He could have come in any circumstance He chose to come to a poor couple who had to bring Him into the world in a stable and lay Him in an animal feed trough. He allowed Himself to go through all of the human heartache, feelings and frailties that we experience. He did this KNOWING that He would grow up as a human young man and became an adult human man who would suffer greatly for me because of my sins and die for me so that I could spend eternity with Him in Paradise. He loves me so much that He became like me so that I could become like Him.

Good food, and His birth day, of course

Midnight Mass
Preparing for our Lord’s Birth
Advent Candles and Wreath.
Family get togethers

Music, music, music…5 choirs…7 Masses.
Glorious Music.

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Christmas for me mean a lot of work. I cook the family meal for about 30. Then I do all the clean up. We also have folks over on Christmas Eve and I cook & clean for them. Drinking wine helps :wink:

What I would like Christmas to mean for me, Midnight Mass, Christmas Day Mass and keeping the focus on what it all really means. I would love to read the nativity from Luke. I would love it not to be about presents and stuff.

My ideal Christmas would to go on a retreat at a monastery or convent and just worship Jesus.

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Christmas is the birth of our Lord Jesus.
It means preparing over Advent.
Midnight mass is a must.
Then it is all about family and getting together.

I dislike the commercialism of Christmas, other than that it is all good.

I Enjoy doing the Advent Wreath and my Mangers with travelling statues ( Wisemen travelling, Mary and Joseph going to Bethlehem ).
After Dec 15, all the baking and Tree decorations.

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Also, decorations only come down after Ephiphany.

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