What does DIVINE really mean?


Who can come up with a definitive definition here? Dictionaries I have.

We could talk about divine without referring to our God. Every major faith/religion/belief system (just about) has some concept of the divine, and uses the word regularly, just as we use the word grace, which is also difficult to define. So divine is an all-encompassing word which we must try to understand in the global paradigm of different and differing religions.

Another poster has suggested that

I think searching for a global paradigm will not be of much use. If you want to understand the divine nature of Christ,it would be most useful to restrict yourself to the Judaeo-Christian teachings on the nature of God.

I say this because the “God” that is Jesus is the last in millennia of revelation that came first to the Jews, and then to Christianity. Other sources of revelation will not be as definitive for you in understanding this point of Christology.


(1) is it possible to understand divine/divinity generically, within the context of the collective religions and belief systems of humanity?

(2) how do we understand these words when they are applied to our own understanding of God and Christ?



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