What does doing the will of God in the present moment look like?


What does the will of God in the present moment look like? I know it excludes sin. What does the will of God look like in general?

What are your habits like when doing the will of God


Right now it is eating dinner and I should get off the computer.


I am going to convert the whole world. Right now perhaps it is to mow the lawn which I deferred since last month.


It looks like fulfilling your responsibilities with love to the best of your ability in a given moment.

It looks like interacting with and serving others as if serving Christ Himself.

It looks like dying to one’s own desires – sometimes even denying our needs – in deference to the needs of others or what you see God is asking of you in a given moment.

To paraphrase St Teresa of Calcutta, it means serving God wherever He has placed you, putting your love of Him into a living action.

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