What does excommunication mean, when Pope does it, or when ie Mafia excommunicate themselves?

Very surprising idea about Mafia practicing faith? I realize I do not really know what excommunicate is, when the Pope does it or when people do it?

The Code of Canon Law has this to say about excommunication:

Can. 1331 §1. An excommunicated person is forbidden:

*]to have any ministerial participation in celebrating the sacrifice of the Eucharist or any other ceremonies of worship whatsoever;

*] to celebrate the sacraments or sacramentals and to receive the sacraments;

*]to exercise any ecclesiastical offices, ministries, or functions whatsoever or to place acts of governance.

§2. If the excommunication has been imposed or declared, the offender:

*]who wishes to act against the prescript of §1, n. 1 must be prevented from doing so, or the liturgical action must be stopped unless a grave cause precludes this;

*]invalidly places acts of governance which are illicit according to the norm of §1, n. 3;

*]is forbidden to benefit from privileges previously granted;

*]cannot acquire validly a dignity, office, or other function in the Church;

*]does not appropriate the benefits of a dignity, office, any function, or pension, which the offender has in the Church.

Against popular opinion, it does not mean that the Church sends this person to Hell. She cannot do that.

Some acts (such as attacking the Pope physically, abortion, direct violation of the seal of confession, episcopal consecrations without Papal mandate, attempting to consecrate the Eucharist without Holy Orders) incur automatic excommunication. Others have to be imposed either by the Bishop or the Pope, depending on the offence committed. Excommunication is a medicinal penalty, intended to make the offender aware of the gravity of their offence.

That said, Vatican Radio says the Pope did not excommunicate the Mafia.

The pope said the mafia has excommunicated themselves by their actions. Similar to automatic excommunication for abortion.

Being Saved, why do you think the mafia has faith? They don’t. They aren’t saved. They are immoral criminals and as such are not able to partake in the sacraments.

Like I said in the other thread. If you had children dedicated or baptized in your church, and those children grew up to be evil criminals, wouldn’t your church tell them their behavior is not Christian and they need to repent?

That is what the pope did to the mafia.

But does the Pope really mean “they have excommunicated themselves" in the sense of the Code of Canon Law? Or does he mean “they are in mortal sin and this cannot go to Communion”? I am not aware of latae sententiae excommunication for mafiosi.

It sounded like the mafia were ‘in’ CC, in order for them to have excomm. themselves.
That is what I mean by practicing, maybe going to church? One poster said, imagine
confessions that priests hear from them, hope they trust in priest’s silence.

No matter what the priest hears in Confession, he cannot directly violate the seal without being automatically excommunicated himself. He is bound by the Seal.

Are you saying sinners aren’t allowed to come to church?:shrug:

Seems like that’s exactly where they should be learning to change their life and repent.

Well my take on them is that they are not in relationship with God,.

.and I guess the Pope was speaking to them to, make a connection with them,…and to make them think about God and heaven and hell

I wasn’t sure of the implications of the excommunicate word - it sounded like they were ‘in the church’ and cutting themselves off from the church,…

maybe referring to baby baptism…like you said.

Good I’m glad you got this basic understanding.

It’s actually a complex problem because the mafia in southern Italy are very powerful and claim to be good Catholics. The pope has now told everyone they aren’t just bad Catholics but excommunicated from the sacraments. It’s a big stand against their evil.

Pray for the pope, he is cleaning house and I’m sure making enemies by choosing to combat evil.

The pope can adjust canon law. He is the authority over canon law. He clearly said they are excommunicated using the word “scomunicato”

This video is good on the topic.


There has been another thread started on this.


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