What does God think about time machines and the possibility of altering history?

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Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk

My guess is that God would find the concept of man traveling back and forward into time silly. Remember, He is currently there… past, present, and future; and the idea that man might believe that he can travel back and change something while remaining in the presence of God, is (IMHO) impossible. However, I concede that I no more know the mind of God (in this scenario) than I know how to time travel. :smiley:

Well since God has always been and always will be, there is in a sense no past or future, there is only the present. I know it sounds like a stretch, but if something has always been, then there can be no beginning, if he’ll always be, then there is no future “no end”, only the hear and now. There is no sense of earthly time as we know it in God’s realm.

I hope that helped a little.


If he thought about it, I think he’d laugh at our silliness.

“Oh, look at the cute little people . . . trying to travel backward in time. How cute.”


Logically, time travel will never be possible… because if it were, then it would already be possible. That is to say, if someone traveled back to our time, then we could hop a ride to the future. Thus we have the temporal paradox.

God made a perfect plan. He allows things for a greater good. He gave us free will, and He, with his grace, can turn evil into good.

There is no necessity to go back in time and try to change things - people with their free will are likely to mess up over and over anyway. The best thing we can do is live in His grace and do His will.

I’ve never read anything from Albert Einstein and what he thinks about time and the possiblity of time travel; though as of now I believe Augustine has it right. That time is just the present, the past is a memory and the future is an expectation. To put it in the most basic way.

I have heard this one before. Some however have claimed that UFOs (i.e. spaceships) may simply be advanced humans from the future. It is also possible that future entities, assuming they exist and whatever they are, would probably be so advanced to us that we may not even recognize them.

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Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk

We already travel in time. We go forward in time. Physicists too now theorize that some subatomic particles can go backwards in time.
The question should be, actually, since God knows everything, and knows all of time in the eternal instant of His mind, whether God knows time machines exist and knows that alterations in history take place.
I doubt that our own history can be altered. Then you have the impossible paradox some science fiction authors have faced. What if you go back in time and kill your own grandfather (accidentally or on purpose)? Then you would not have been born and could not have gone back in time to kill your own grandfather.
Or here is another one. If time travel is possible, where weren’t 11 million people at the crucifixion of Christ–all time travellers.
Here is one way science fiction authors handled this question. If you go back in time and change history, then another universe would be created, so that there would be two universes, one where history was changed and another where it was not changed.
Whether this could happen or not seems to be a question more for physicists than ayone else, though, personally, I would like to keep existence simple and would rather that such a thing would not happen.

It’s impossible. Travelling at the speed of light freezes time, but it’s impossible to ever get to that speed. Whatever we travel in has weight. Light doesn’t have weight.

Ever watched a movie about time traveling and find yourself completely mind boggled?

Okay, so a character goes back in time, does a bunch of **** that actually effects events in said characters life that had already transpired… To imply that for those events to have ever happened, it was kinda already set in stone that said character was going to time travel and make them happen… And dangit, I’m already lost…

Think about any event in history. Now think: Gee, what if that event only happened because somebody in the distant, distant, future caused it to happen.

What’s really changed here? Nothing.

I think if we were to, theoretically, gain the technology to time travel…
Then God would have already known all this was going to happen.
It wouldn’t matter in the long run, everything’s going to go the way it’s supposed to go.

Time does not really exist. Its a concept created by man. Man simply agreed a long time ago that when the sun is at its peak in the sky they will call it noon, and when the stars showed that the earth completed a lap around the sun they called that a new year. The only thing that really is happening is nature. The earth is orbiting the sun, things are being born, they run down on their own pace and they die. Even the sun is dying and the earth is slowly losing its speed as it spins. Things are always being born and things are always dying. A machine cannot go back in time because time is merely a concept.

Now I have heard some theories that there are time travelers here and they say they use the power of energy vibrations to transport themselves through time. That is interesting but what energy are they talking about? they say that you can simply vibrate something to a certain frequency and it will disappear and appear in another time. I can’t prove its a lie but I know that when you vibrate things they eventually shatter. Now they point to things like the Philadelphia Experiment. That involved making a ship disappear and reappear and it supposedly went through a time warp. I really don’t know what to think of that. I think maybe they were able to dematerialize it by using some sort of atomic laser or what not, but I don’t know about the time travel part.

Yes, the theory of alternate universes. But then that would bring up the question: Is there a possibility that there might be an alternate universe where Jesus was not crucified?

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Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk

Your concept of time seems rather “Kantian”. If memory serves me correct, even though I am not very familiar with Immanuel Kant’s philosophy, he argued what your essentially arguing: That Time is only a concept, and therefore, time travel is impossible. The only problem I have with this is that you can argue that all things are “concepts”. If I leave two sticks on the floor, by your and Kant’s opinion, the “two” would be a concept. Indeed, this causes us to venture down the the Platonic lane and conclude that ideas are the only things that truly exist.

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Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk

I like the answer that we are already traveling in time… just that it’s only forward.

If I had to guess, I would think God wouldn’t mind history being altered as long as it was His will and for good. After all, God provides glimpses of the future through prophets so that we may change our ways. He forgives and washes away sins. It seems like “fixing” an evil of the past would be in line with these things.

Then again, I am only guessing. I am not much of a theologian.

This is an interesting idea–what if the way things exist through time are the result of changes time travellers have already made? However–it is not enough to say this. What if we went a year into the past and without intending to, caused our own death. But if this occurred, since we had died, we could not go a year back into the past and cause our own death.
Or what if a time traveller went back into the past thousands of years, and by some apparently small effect of his presence, things were changed so much that he and his whole civilization would be eradicated. Or if someone went into the past to observe the first member or members of the human race, and acidentally caused their deaths and erased the human race. Maybe, for example, by carrying some virus people would later have developed immunity to. Then where did the person who erased the human race come from?

Would the idea of alternate universes bring up the possibility of a universe where Jesus was not crucified? I going to provide some wild ideas here, but as will be seen this whole question is much more important than it might seem.
1. God would prevent this from happening–prevented a universe from existing where Jesus was not crucified. But there are logical reasons for saying this could not happen.
And here is where the question becomes much more interesting. This involves the same issues involved if there are intelligent extraterrestrials. Anyone with intelligence has an immortal soul, according to the tradition of Catholic thought. Then how could enjoy the salvation, including living forever in heaven, that we can enjoy?
2. A second possibility is that Jesus appeared more places at once in Gospel times. Some saints have bilocated–that is appeared in different places at the same time. For example, Saint Martin de Porres lived in central America and once appeared at the same time in the Philippines. And Christ already appears many places at once in the eucharist. However, this idea actually is too far out for my own tastes–that when Christ lived in Gospel times he had simultaneously appeared bodily in many places at once–though it is true God can do anything.
3. Christ appeared to them in a way we haven’t thought of. I recall one science fiction story where Christ did appear on other planets to offer salvation. This was after he ascended to heaven. Another possibility is that Christ could have appeared after he was crucified and before he ascended into heaven. I am not saying how likely this is, but just raising the idea.
4. But the same issue appears in our history. How could extraterrestrials or even people in another universe be saved (assuming that there are such places)? The same issue involves the question, the question about how the peoples of the nations that lived before Christ appeared among us. the nations full of people who didn’t even know there was God, were saved? What happened was that after Christ was crucified and before his resurrection, he descended to the place where the just resided who had lived during the ages of the past, and he preached to them. This is what the creed means when it says Christ descended to the dead or descended to hell. He went too to the just who had not even known there was a God when they lived. Job in the Old Testament, for example, was just and a pagan. When Jesus ascended to heaven, all the just who had lived before his crucifixion went, too, to eternal life. This raises the possibility of Christ appearing to the place of the dead on other planets too to save them.

I for the most part also agree. Human beings can only make conjecture about alternate universes because NO Mere Mortal Man will ever know.

I won’t rule out God’s unseen creation or plausible universes or dimensions. The concept of Time itself is only relative to the prospective movement of matter as the limited capacity of human understanding can perceive and theorize.

God however is the Creator of Time. Therefore He can exist inside and outside of time simultaneously. God does not need Time itself to exist because He in Himself is the full expression of Eternity…No Beginning…No End.


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