What Does Having Marrige Blessed include?

Hi my name is Chris Im 34 I was Baptised Catholic had my Holy First Communion Catholic and later on Took RICA adult classes to be confirmed Catholic. Recently this past summer I got married to my wonderful wife Becky who is Baptised Luthern, and confirmed Luthern. We were married in a Non Denomational church in her home town. We attend Catholic Church services every sunday together, my priest is pushing on us to get our Marrige Blessed, We are wanting to get it blessed, What are all the steps or details to get that done? We are not sure what to do.

We are also planing on taking RICA CLasses so she can convert to catholic and so i can get refreshed also.

Thanks Chris and Becky Miller

Its a pretty simple process. You would need records of both you and your spouse’s baptisms, a copy of your marriage license, and probably two individuals who can testify that neither of you have been married before. The priest will then explain to you the Catholic Church’s understanding of marriage and ask if you both agree. After that all you need to do is pick a date and time along with two witnesses and exchange your vows in front of a deacon or priest.

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