What does it feel like to feel the presence of Christ?

I have been thinking about this for oh about a year now.
Sometimes it feels like joy.
Sometimes it feels like a peacefulness.
Sometimes it feels like an awestruck almost fear.
Sometimes it feels like a deep silence.
Sometimes it feels like an acute awareness.
Sometimes it feels like love.
Sometimes it feels like…I’ve been trying to figure out how to describe this feeling.
Does anyone know what I mean?
You know when you feel the presence of Christ, but why? Why do you know?

I know when I feel that “peace that surpasses understanding.” A very deep, very contented feeling, despite what might be happening in my life. It is not a feeling I get from anything or anyone else. I often feel it at Eucharistic adoration, and sometimes it makes me not want to ever leave Jesus’ True Presence on the altar!

I have a similar feeling with joy at times, although I don’t think joy is exactly the right word for it either. Again, it is a feeling of elation even though my circumstances might not warrant feeling joyful at all.

My dear friend

Some people report they can feel His presene as when we are close to another person. Sort of like thicker air and bodily warmth. Something like that. He can make His presence felt many ways. I know someone who received a sign when He was put back in the tabernacle of feeling such a presence rush past them and fill the church.

May God bless us and make His presence known to us and all:thumbsup::slight_smile:


It is a feeling that cannot be completely described in human terms; there are not enough words:thumbsup: It is a warm, peaceful feeling, one you’ll never forget, in fact you will crave it more an more! I am totally overwhelmed each time that I encounter Him:D

My dear friend

It is a consolation God gives us to help His little children on their journey. It will be multilpied a million times in heaven and never cease growing.

I believe the cappucins (?)only have a statue of St Benedict and no holy pictures or statues or art because they say they can feel Gods presence and don’t need anything else.

God bless you dear friend:thumbsup::slight_smile:


One thing: we should not seek after “feelings”–or what some writers call “consolations.”

John Russell Jr.: My wife and I have a ministry at one of the nursing homes in our area. Three weeks ago, we were singing “The Old Rugged Cross,” when I noticed my wife and one of the staff praying with a lady in the hallway! Later this lady related to me that her grandmother used to sing that song to her, and when she heard it, she came out of her room and started singing, and crying! She toldme,“Jesus touched mr in the hallway!” He is everywhere and anywhere, if you are attuned to His oice, and can feel His presence:thumbsup:

Eucharistic adoration helps us catch a wonderful glimpse of that feeling.

I was going to say this same thing, virtually word for word

Ah, that’s just exactly right, so far anyway, and so I wonder why we know it when we
feel it?

And there is another kind of feeling that I can’t decribe with prayer that’s going good.
I can’t decribe it, so I just call it “that reaching feeling”.

A reaching feeling is a good way to describe it. It’s a feeling that you have reached the tip of His garment and you don’t ever want to let go. It’s the feeling that you want to go further and further and the further you go, the further to want to go. It’s an absolutely overwhelming feeling of longing and being satisfied at the same time. All I know is that when I can feel Him, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it’s Him and He is real. Other times I may not remember the way it felt, but I can remember the assurance, which gives me something to hold on to when I’m tempted with doubt. This has been happening more often and I fight it with the names of Jesus and Mary and memory of that Blessed assurance.

…Just talking about it gives me shivers.:smiley:

]One thing: we should not seek after “feelings”–or what some writers call “consolations.”

Again, real vague response, please kindly explain.


good thread! :thumbsup:

I’ve tried to describe this in the past and I can’t…

sometimes when I go to Adoration I can feel His presence, and sometimes I can’t (which is alright) - but - when I do, it’s really amazing and I don’t want to leave.

it’s definitely different from anything else I’ve ever experienced!!!

sometimes if I’m really recollected I can feel His presence in the Eucharist too, when I receive Communion, but even when that doesn’t happen I generally just feel a lot of peace afterwards. Not just an absense of worry, but …PEACE.

hmm maybe there’s no word to describe it?? we should invent a new word :stuck_out_tongue:

that’s a really good description!! I agree.

true, but it’s alright to thank God for consolations when He does allow us to receive them :slight_smile: thank Him and move on.

God bless

My dear friend

Thanks for a wonderful story. He is everywhere for sure, and we can see Him in our neighbour and traces of Him in all creation. He is everywhere. This is why we should love everything, because we should see God in everything. I couldn’t agree more with what you say.

Thank you for sharing your story with us dear friend:)

May the wondrous love of God reveal itself to us in all:thumbsup::slight_smile:


I do not know that I would consider God’s presence as a feeling. My experience is that all of my sences are extreemly sharp/keen and I sometimes have a sence of comleteness. I usually have a sence that I am right where God wants me to be and if I were to die I would go strait to Him and nothing would hold me back. I almost think that He has given me a slight taste of what it will be like when I have completed my life here on earth. I just pray I do it well what ever it is.

i feel joy, hope, fear, and happiness within the presence of jesus christ… there is no greater feeling that being lifted upon his grace that he has given us… i don’t have to go to church and feel this… even when i walk by a cross and look at the sky… i feel his presence that has enlightened me… no one could ever give me that kind of feeling that he has given to me:)

My son, who is an EMHC, feels tingly whenever he passes near the open tabernacle.

I usually feel joyful after receiving the Eucharist, although sometimes I tell the Lord that I – almost – don’t want to feel anything, that I trust that He is there. It’s funny that at Eucharistic Adoration, at least on the days that I go reluctantly – “too busy” – I don’t want to leave once I’m there (Wow, I could stay here forever, Lord!).

We are not to seek “signs” and “consolations,” but they’re nice! People make a big deal out of Mother Theresa feeling so abandoned in her later years. As I understand it, she asked the Lord to share in the abandonment He suffered during His passion and, of course, Jesus said, ‘ok; no problem.’ God allowed her to come closer to Him through her sharing in His suffering.

Just to ramble a bit more. . . Until about ten years ago, I heard almost nothing about people’s “experiences” of God’s presence – except for saints, of course – but I hear about this quite often now. I guess now I understand the faith of the “little old ladies” who used to attend daily mass when I was a child. Perhaps they were graced by God’s consolations but never said anything. Or, maybe they were the blessed ones who had not seen, but still believed. I wish more people would be open to experiencing the “touch” of our Lord. It seems to me that if they felt/heard Him in the quiet – not looking for the roar of thunder, etc. – they would be more inclined to believe. He is an absolutely wonderful God!

God bless,

I might be getting of track here but has any one ever seen Christ in another person?

My dear friend

We are supposed to see Christ in every person. He told us this many times. Is this what you mean? Please explain.

May God bless you abundantly:thumbsup::slight_smile:


I know we are supposed to see Christ in every person. I was just wondering about the connection one has when it seems like two souls are meeting and time seems to stand still. I have never really talked to any one about this and the OP made me start thinking about all the times I have sensed God’s presenceand those moments come to mind. So if you know, is this a meeting of two souls or am I seeing God in them?

And may God bless you always too!

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