What does it mean for God to be "blessed"?


For instance, the Divine Praises (“Blessed be God…”) or “Blessed and praised forevermore be Jesus, who has saved us with His Blood”.

How can God be blessed when He is already Infinite and Almighty?


It tends in the Bible to just mean to say good things about God in gratitude and praise. Some think the Hebrew word for bless since it resembles the word for knee means that to bless God by getting on your knee and giving a gift, though its clear in the Bible people did bless God standing.


The word blessed means “happy”.

So, to bless God is to make God happy.

To make God happy we love him.

We show God our love by doing His will.


The word “bless” was chosen by Anglophones to be the translation of benedicere, which literally means to “to speak well of.” Modern usage of the word has somewhat distorted this meaning.


I agree with ProVobis, it means essentially, “May God be praised.” It is both a recognition of his excellence, and a call to recognize this excellence inwardly and outwardly.

As to making God happy, I do not think this is possible since God is perfectly happy in himself, unchanging, and unaffected by external forces. We are said to “please” or “displease” God by way of analogy.


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