What does it mean to be a bride of christ


what does it mean to be a bride of christ


*"To be the Bride of Christ!
"Bride," I must live all that this name implies
of love given and received, of intimacy, of fidelity, of absolute devotion!

To be a bride means to be given as He gave Himself;
it means to be sacrificed as He was, by Him, for Him...
It is Christ making Himself all ours and we becoming "all His!"
To be a bride means to have all rights over His Heart...
It is a heart to heart exchange for a whole lifetime...

"To be a bride" means to have eyes only for Him
Our thoughts haunted by Him,
our heart wholly taken over, wholly possessed,
as if it had passed out of itself and into Him;
It means keeping our gaze always fixed on His,
to discover His least sign, His least desire;
it means to enter into all His joys, to share all His sadness.
It means to know nothing else than to love,
to love while adoring, to love while praying, while asking,
while forgetting oneself;
to love always in every way!"

  • Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity, OCD*

further reading ...

The True Spouse of Jesus Christ by St. Alphonsus Liguori
The Way of Divine Love*
by Sr. Josefa Menendez


Thanks for the answer and for the reading links!


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Thanks for the answer and for the reading links!


You're welcome! They are both beautiful works .. also a little correction to Blessed Elizabeth's writing/poem there ..

"to discover His least sigh* , His least desire .." :rolleyes:


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