What does it mean to be Catholic?


What does it mean for you to be a Roman Catholic?


My whole life is blessed by the spirit of the Church, the love of Jesus, appreciation of the gifts of the Sacraments, of the means the Church offers to bless and help others, to pray for others. I believe it is the Church instituted by Jesus in commissioning the apostles to lead it and to live and share the gospel message; it is also a myriad of holy men and women throughout the ages who inspire us to deeper love of God and others.


For me, it helps to answer the question, “Who am I?”

Am I good, or evil? Probably both, but I am also a Catholic. I made a conscious decision to belong to Christ and his Church, just as I also make decisions to sin. So, am I a good person, or a bad person?
I suppose that all in all, being Catholic doesn’t make you a Saint, it simply makes you say.
‘I am a sinner, and I don’t want to be, any more.’


Spiritual stability and sanity.

It’s the healthiest spiritual enviornment I’ve been in in decades.


Being Catholic means having answers to important questions such as “Why am I here?” and “What is the meaning of life?”

Being a Catholic means that you know exactly what God wants. Catholicism reveals the truth about life and death. It has removed all doubt and fear.


I am part of the Mystical Body of Christ, that phrase with all the impact it had when I first began to understand its import as a child sums up for me the totality of being part of the Church. and becomes more evident and more all-encompassing as I age.


Being a Catholic means that you are experiencing the fullness of the Truth and of God’s love for his children. Humans are sinful in nature, but God still picks us up out of the mud and cleans us up in the sacrament of Confession. Jesus comes to us, humble and loving in the Eucharist, and chooses us of all people, to stay with, and to love. Being a Catholic means that no matter what others do or say to you, you still have the Holy Spirit within you to love and Guide you, and no one can can take that away.


Without getting too mystical, I enjoy being Catholic because I feel as if I’m part of something truly special, inter- and intra-connected, full of meaning, truth and opportunity for personal advancement. There’s such a rich heritage and history in the church that, whether you’re born into it or convert into it, belongs to everyone. Unlike Judaism, it’s not a heritage that must be passed down through families, but it’s a heritage by profession, confession and creed. I have many brothers and sisters, which, as an only child by birth, is a true blessing; and these are brothers and sisters from all ethnicities, races, languages, etc.


The gift of life and of The Catholic Faith are on a par with me. The greatest gifts God has given me for which I am overwhelmingly grateful with endless praise for His totally gratuitious generosity to me.
Catholicism is a wondrous gift and it is also and at once a great responsibility and accountability : “to whom much is given, much will be expected”.


By respecting myself and others as much as I humanly can. I tend towards the Benedictine way, which includes prayer through work each day. Sometimes some people do not return it, but I do not take it personally, but I try to treat everyone regardless of their person with the utmost respect.


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