What does it mean to be grateful for the gifts I have?


How do I be grateful for what I have?


What I do is thank God daily for the gifts he has given me such as shelter, food,a car, children etc. and name them.

I also ask God to help me use any positive personality traits I have been given to help build up the body of Christ.

To me, to be grateful for the gifts we have been given is to acknowledge and thank God for them and then use them in his kingdom to help others. This to me shows appreciation as well as gratefulness.



Have you started asking Jesus what He wants you to do?


Being grateful is not a generic feeling, but is interpersonal.

Around Thanksgiving time, it seems many of the TV shows portrayed people around a table describing all the things they were thankful for having or experiencing.

But being grateful has a value (how much the gift received means), and a benefactor (the one giving the gift to you).,

In a practical way, look at each of the gifts you consider gifts, one at a time, and ask “Where did I get this? Who gave it to me? Is this thing valuable to me? Was it owed to me as some kind of right that I had for getting it, or from some sort of kindness in that person?” The goal is to notice a person caring about you and your happiness or well-being that they gave this thing to you, to ‘think of others’ and what they took out of their own treasures to do goodness to you. They now have less (but perhaps don’t realize that or even think of it that way), so that you would be able to have more, and want you to have it.

An act of gratitude is not just saying to yourself, “I’m grateful to have this or that.” The act of gratitude is some type of return to the giver of the gift; that is why it is so important to think about the gift and the giver in one thought or image in your thinking. You begin to think with thoughts about “what kindness could I do to this giver?” The act of gratitude is a “thank you” in such a way that the giver of the gift would know how much the gift meant to you.

No one has seen God face to face; all you have from God, was given by a person here on earth - even the Holy Spirit within you was given to you in this way, at your Baptism and Confirmation. Think about the Priest, the Bishop, the Catechists who taught you… what did they give up so that you could have the Gift of The Holy Spirit enlightening your soul?
Thank God, yes, but also through acts of gratitude to his agents of giving to you.


If this query is in regard to ones “gifts”, then we would use them for the betterment of the world. I learned this early on from a Jewish Musical mentor of mine, the late Dora Rosenbaum. She had me giving recitals fro the elderly, and going to the Veteran’s Hospital to play for the severely ill and largely forgotten men who suffered great injuries in the war.
She sang all the old tunes they would have remembered from the 40’s and I accompanied her. It was difficult fro a young girl like myself to witness. It was very hard to see those suffering, forgotten men. But I did it, and I’m forever grateful to her for teaching me that my talent was not just an occasion of applause, It’s not just about ME. I can use it to bring light into a dark world. I’ll never be wealthy due to my talents, but I am richly blessed, and use my ability to enrich those around me.


You are truly a blessing:) What a great example.




Religion is the virtue that requires in justice that we praise and thank God for our gifts. His first gift is the gift of life. So be religious.

After thanking the Source of your gifts, share them with His other children.


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