What does it mean to be "innocent"?

It’s clearly wrong to kill innocent human lives for example, but what is the definition of the word innocent in this context?

i.e. innocent of anything that would justify the taking of their life.

An adulterer is not innocent (of sin), but adultery does not take away their right to life.

A man who is about to murder you, on the other hand, is not innocent in the relevant sense; it would not be unjust to end his life if such is necessary to ensure one’s safety.

Murder means the killing of the innocent.

Unlike war, death penalty, and killing as self-defense , to kill the innocent is immoral and unjust.

When your life, the society and/or the Country is in danger, killing as defense is objectively moral. Death penalty is done to those individuals who pose a great threat in society. War is objectively moral when is done as a defense from another Country. But, it’s objectively immoral/evil/wrong to kill the innocent. It is murder. It is always unjust to kill the innocent.

I consider the death penalty to be wrong and mostly immoral in today’s society. Even though they are not innocents, killing them is usually not the right thing to do. In a civilized, modrn society there is no use for the death penalty.

In the same way, most wars aren’t just.

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