What does it mean to be with a Catholic man?


I am a non-Catholic. I’m with a man who says he’s a Catholic. I’ve asked him to explain what it’s all about. He is Roman Catholic. But he will not explain it. What does it mean to be a Catholic? Is it some rules?


I do not know much about what it means to be Catholic


I dont know.


I am confused. In the first thread I believe you are talking about your girlfriend. In this thread you speak of a man you are seeing


I’m talking about my boyfriend in both subjects


I’m talking about my boyfriend in both. I am not good in english.


Does this mean you are not married and are initimate


We are not married. But we are intimate.


Has your boyfriend told you Catholics do not engage in intimate activity when not married.


Thank you for answer.


He has not told me that Catholics do not have sex without being married. He almost never wants sex. He says he is a Catholic but he does not want to tell what it means. We have had sex, but only once a month. He is very absent.


May I ask what countries you are in


I am from Sweden.


And of him?


He is from Poland.


In Sweden it is quite normal to have sex outside of marriage. But I would accept it if my boyfriend would wait for marriage.


A practising Catholic is one who attends Mass every Sunday, make use of confession, and tries to live according to the example Jesus set for us.

Sex before marriage is not a value Catholics have. The value is to wait for marriage.
As far as kissing on the cheek in greeting, that is, or can be, a European way of greeting.

Is he a practising Catholic? Were either of you married before and now divorced.


This is a very good website given by the Bishops of the US, it has a section for people who are dating or engaged:


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