What does it mean to dream

What does it mean when i dreamt about Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary?

Two to four months about i dreamt about Virgin Mary. She’s wearing in blue and i don’t know if i remember my dream. I just remember she was in a dark place and standing infront of a light and i ran to her and hugged her. And she touched me and no more…

What does it mean?

As for my dream about Jesus christ was yesterday, i just saw him. If im not wrong, we were standing infront of a gate and he didnt say anything but! Looks like he taking me away…i feel that my life at my dream like ended but im still alive o.o… Weird dream! I really dont understand what does it mean!

Some people say its blessing, some says warning and some says satan playing…
But some also say dream is meaningless… I dont know! Please tell me what does it mean?!

I hope you get a lot of suggestions. My religious dreams have been as follows:
(Don’t worry, I’ll be brief)

For an ecclectic variety of deaths in my family, (there have been too many), I have had dreams, not to long after their departure, telling me in one way or another, how much they like where they are. Some were even working. These dreams always seemed far more realistic than the others. Most of these relatives had died unexpectedly, but not all.

Please do not laugh, but when my cat died, I cried and cried. He had a slight problem with his hips, that made him sit crookedly. I nicknamed him Mr. Threefrontlegs for the way he had to sit. He also had to be held the way a cat really shouldn’t be held; with his legs dangling, or he’d be in pain. So what was my dream for him?
Jesus was just about to hold my cat, after picking him up. I quickly felt compelled to tell Him, "no no!! You gotta hold him another way!! He said, “I Know, I made him. I will take care of him.” And it was very realistic; in my dream, I could feel His Robe, and the texture of my cat’s fur; the latter was as familiar as real life.

Theses dreams may sound silly to some but they comforted when I was struggling through way too many losses in my family, of which my cat was a part for many wonderful years. He’s in Good Company.

And my cat’s name was Andy. Honest!!

There is a meaning, Andy, but it is most likely not supernatural. People usually dream about events, emotions, and thoughts experienced while awake.

It might mean that you’ve experienced spiritual growth in the last few months, and as a consequence you think about God more often, even in your sleep. Or, perhaps you fear losing your faith for some reason or another. It could mean you’ve had it rough and you want to escape your problems. Whatever it means, obviously we cannot know for sure but the place to start looking is in your daily life.

Sweet dreams. :cool:

dreams are really very attractive in our life. this is very interesting thing when shares this among our friends then we get very happiness. Dreams are only amazing things.

Oh my, I thought your dream was beautiful and must have been comforting for you

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