What does it mean to "encourage" a gay-marrige, is it a sin?


Yes. That is what I thought. However, there is a Catholic college nearby and from time to time they send out a magazine of news, etc., of the college. One of the items concerns recent alumni/ alumnae who have gotten married. They have pages with pictures etc. And, yes, they do congratulate SS couples who have gotten “married”.


You’ll never convince any true Christian that a gay ‘marriage’ is valid. You’d be more successful if you emphasised that their arrangement was some form of contract to share property.


And we can thank Fr. Luther for that. He is the one who put the State and not the Church in charge of regulating marriages.


I haven’t “accused” you of anything though I did quote a saying.
Yes I have observed that you denied “playing the man.”

Since you’re a member of the Order of Preachers

My manner of my formal incorporation with the Dominicans is of no relevance to CAF or the cogency of my stand alone contributions thanks.
I simply observe the weakness of an assertion that assumes that respect for the Dominicans demands a point of view that agrees with yours. That is an absurd thing to say.


There are probably people who believe strongly in Christ and also believe that on some level, if only civil, a gay marriage has validity. To you they are not “true Christians” but to themselves or even their own churches in some cases, they are very “true” indeed.


A gay marriage is impossible. From a reply from an Apologist on Catholic Answers.


You said “I am one not that it matters, and was taught by Roman trained Dominican professors.” You brought up the “manner of [your] formal incorporation with the Dominicans” and in so doing you made it relevant to the CAF community. It is relevant to the CAF community because your “incorporation with the Dominicans” means that your comments carry more weight. In other words, people will accept your comments with greater respect because you present yourself as a member of a Religious Order. That being said, you should not be surprised if others express dismay that someone incorporated into the Dominicans mentions the Holy Family in a sentence about people in a gay relationship.


On a civil level, I’d agree that a gay union has legal effect on a contractual basis. However, I’d never grant that contractual relationship the dignity of the title ‘marriage.’ In my view (and I take this opinion from Ron Paul), the state shouldn’t be involved in marriage at all. It is a religious institution. The state may recognise contracts, but it has no right to redefine the institution of marriage.


You have a knack of getting caught up on tangents. As I said,

I simply observe the weakness of an assertion that assumes that respect for the Dominicans demands a point of view that agrees with yours. That is an absurd thing to say.

Nothing more to say.


I only demand things from myself. However, a person who is ‘incorporated in the Dominicans’ should think with the mind of the Church on the matter of homosexuality and their so-called marriages. Since you’re in some way connected to the Order of Preachers, I’ll assume you think with the Church. My only suggestion is that you consider your words before you hit the reply button.


But even from an atheist perspective, you can see the good in the lifelong union of a man and a woman for the procreation and rearing of any children they make together, which is a good for them and all society by reason alone.

Not only that, but I would attend a marriage even if it wasn’t Catholic so long as it can still be valid in a Catholic Church, adultery cannot and neither can a same sex union, neither of which I think would be appropriate for Catholics to attend especially if they care about their friends.

I hope this has helped

God Bless

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Why does this make you second guess? I’m reminded of that old saying used to death “If your friend jumped off a cliff, would you?”

All it tells me is that I must tread very carefully around material claiming to be ‘Catholic’ because as in this case, it is no such thing.

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That’s not true though, adultery is not a recognized marriage, but it could still be for those like yourself since it shares the union of a man and a woman for the procreation and rearing of any children they produce together.

They are not making the same commitment as straight people are though. Even as an atheist, I don’t understand how one cannot see that we are a two gendered species of male and female, that our reproductive system is designed to bring about new life through the relationship a male and female share, this is at the basis of marriage. Take gender out of the equation and then take indissoluble out too, then it is totally meaningless and pointless.

God Bless

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Well, the college is advertised as a Catholic college, and it has the approval of the local Catholic bishop.


There isn’t even such a thing as “Gay Marriage.” Marriage is between a MAN and a WOMAN and is only valid if done in the ONE TRUE CHURCH by a VALID PRIEST.

We should always condemn the actions of people who believe that there is such a thing as “gay marriage” and we should always pray for them. In NO WAY should we ever cave and side with them.

I confess that I am a people pleasing doormat 99% of the time and I wish I had the gaul to defend the Truth. However, with something so in your face as “gay marriage” and other grave evils I doubt I’d cower and fear offending people: I think I’d probably state the Truth very bluntly, and I bet the recipient of my words would be shocked, and they would deserve it for supporting such evils.


For a Catholic it is only valid if approved by the Church. But a priest isn’t the only one who can witness a marriage. A deacon can and even non clergy, in exceptional circumstances. Also, the representative of the Church doesn’t technically do the marriage. He merely witnesses it. The couple perform the marriage in exchanging vows.


Marriage is a Sacrament. The priest has something to say before vows are exchanged.


If you want to discuss my contribution please talk to what I actually stated, “civil unions”.
Only heterosexuals can attempt a true marriage.
Therefore even if gays or states call their unions “marriage” that doesn’t make it so and your “theology of marriage” arguments fail as essentially irrelevant.

If you could stretch the blinkers to understand that “civil unions” primarily establish legal affine relationships (like adoption) rather than primarily legally approve and limit sex … the homophobia will largely recede. If your couple loudly proclaim that they are intending to simulate marriage so they can have lots of guilt free sex and adopt many children from the state (or engage in turkey basting) then maybe you have a point. I suggest significant numbers of gay couples aren’t interested in doing so.
They are likely merely using the closest legal vehicle available that suits their affine purposes.
So attendance is a prudential/discernment thing.

Where do you get these dogmatic universals from? What does this even mean?
Homosexuality like heterosexuality is an orientation.
An orientation is no more narcissistic than a love of food, of posting on CAF, of always being right or having the last word. Even OCD could be said to be “narcissistic” if your reasoning was correct.

Seems much like child-filled heterosexual marriages, gay unions, living singly (better to marry than burn etc), remarriages or indeed any lifestyle choice. Just sounds like set conclusions in search of trite, platitudinous justifications to me sorry.


:astonished: But he didn’t celebrate with them “in the act”, so to speak.


To add to what @exnihilo said a non Catholic is not bound by Catholic form so can marry validly outside the Church. If both are baptized the marriage is sacramental.

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