What does it mean to "put a problem in God's hands?"

Does it mean that we stop working on it, other than to pray?

no of course not we ask God too help us with the problem like you determine what God would want you too do in the situation and have faith that we will help you but let the Lords will be done remember sometimes when we think are prayer aint answered for the outcome is the opposite of what we expect but later on it turns out too be better for us and also by putting it in his hands we give up are will completly and give it up all too him

Putting a problem in God’s hands means that you try to stop worrying about what will happen and just trust that God will look after you no matter what.

This does not mean we stop acting, and only pray (though in a few cases it does). Rather it means that you accept that you have limited control over a situation and say “God, you’re will be done.”

Remember to pray about it and remember that God may not give the answer or outcome YOU think is best. He sees the big picture, and knows what outcome is best for you.

I hope this helps:D

For me it means that I ask God to help me with that particular problem, and then whenever I start obsessing over it, I consciously remind myself that I gave it over to the Lord. And I pray:“Lord, grant me the grace to be able to accept Your will in my life always, in all things.”
It’s never an excuse to forgo common sense or personal responsibility. :wink:

For me it means to ask for God’s guidance and to give me advice on what to do or what to not do. Sometimes it’s as simple as the serenity prayer.

Having confidence in Him?

In retrospect, this was a stupid question. Thank you all for the dose of common sense.

I don’t think it was a stupid question at all! It’s very interesting to hear how other people view it, and it’s also eye-opening for me to realize what it means to me, and to be aware of it. So I thank you for asking this question! I love threads that make me think.

Well, God will certainly help with our problems: However, He expects us to exert some effort into resolving them ourselves.

To me, putting a problem in His hands means I stop letting it consume my thoughts, and recall His loving kindness towards me in every area of my life. And I might add, that I can think of three different times where I prayed mightily, only to have the opposite outcome of what I thought I wanted at the time. And, much as I am ashamed to admit it, I was royally ticked off at God because of that!

Much later on, I saw the results of my longings played out, and if I had gotten what I thought I wanted, the results would have been temporally and spiritually disastrous.

So my prayers WERE answered: God was sparing me from the results of my own self-will. He granted me the great grace of seeing, in living color, what my own shortsightedness could lead me into. It was almost as if He was saying to me, “I told you ‘don’t even go there,’ and now I’m showing you why! NOW are you going to trust Me?” What I learned in retrospect was this: Detach myself from the outcome of my prayers, trusting in His divine will and divine mercy.

Our Father wants to give us good things: Jesus spoke about this in parables–“who among you would give your child a rock if he asked for an egg, or a serpent if he asked for a fish? If you who are sinful know how to give good things to your children, how much more does the Father know to give good things to His children?”

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