What does it mean to raise the children of mixed-marriages Catholic?

My potential spouse is a Roman Catholic and I am non-denominational Protestant; and we have had many long conversations about this issue, but we feel absolutely that God approves and wants us to be married. The biggest issue is over her requirement to “raise our kids Catholic,” and we have been unable to find any clear-cut meaning of what “raising them Catholic” means. I believe that since we are both Christian and are under God’s grace that equal compromise would be the virtuous and Christ-like resolution. Meaning:
*]I teach them my theological perspective and she teaches them her Roman Catholicism.
*]They can alternate between going to Mass and my church.
*]They are baptized under the grace of both
*]But ultimately when they come to age it is their choice.
[/LIST]So what does “raising them Catholic” mean specifically? Are there certain requirements? Are there certain restrictions? Is equal compromise possible? An answer would sincerely be appreciated as it is critical to our lives and ultimately our marriage.

Raising children Catholic means that they are raised to believe in and practice Catholicism and nothing else. Period.

That means that they are not baptized in another church, they do not attend another church with a view to “choosing for themselves,” and they are not taught conflicting views of Christianity. Perhaps this sounds harsh and uncompromising to you, but it is not intended to be. It merely is the consequence of raising children to believe and practice one particular religion to the exclusion of others. If you cannot in conscience agree to allow your wife to raise your children Catholic (and to the exclusion of your input in their religious education whenever and wherever it conflicts with Catholicism), then the only other alternative is to end your relationship now before you marry and to seek out a wife who shares your Christian beliefs.

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