What does it mean when a stranger asks you to pray for him?

I had a strange experience today and just wondering what it all means. I was in the city dealing with two young children. I was waiting in a bus queue and this middle-aged man, a stranger, came up to me and asked me if I would pray for him. His wife had died and he had received further bad news just that day about his own health. I said I would. He seemed very genuine and did indeed look sickly. Why would he ask me though? I had a very stern, worried face on me – not the most approachable. (My daughter had almost run out on the road awhile before!) Was God speaking through this person? What do you think?

Who knows? Maybe he was just in the mood to ask anyone and everyone. Maybe he’d just seen you spared a terrible tragedy when you managed to stop your daughter from running into the street and thought to ask you to “pay forward” your blessing from God. Or maybe God was asking you to “pay forward” that blessing. What does it really matter why? Just continue to pray for him and to thank God that he has so far spared you the crosses others must endure.

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