What does it really mean to cause scandal?

is it when people think things about you that aren’t true? like for example, even if a person has a signficant other and they’re not married, everyone can still assume they’re sleeping together even if they live separately. or if a male has more female friends or vice versa, rumors spread

or it more like actig you condone something sinful? sorry i’m a little confused by it all

More like acting you condone something sinful You can’t worry about what other people think about you.

An example might be: if you and your boyfriend cohabitate and have separate bedrooms it could be the sin of scandal because people witll generally be led to think you are living together and being intimate. So people may be led to believe that living with their boyfriends/girlfriends is ok.

Another example might be when you go to a gay wedding. It is scandalous because it can lead people to think that you condone that and/or since they know your catholic, that Catholics support such arrangements.

Giving scandal is when your choices and behavior support or seem to support either sinful behavior or actions that are clearly against Catholic teaching. Another example is when Catholic politicians are openly pro-choice and support such things. This also applies to SS marriage. The other example is when unmarried couples “live” together. 98% of the time, they are not sleeping in separate beds. Even if the relationship is limited to a brother/sister type, it is scandalis because it looks like the couple is living in sin and supporting it.

For a scandal, you have to have actually have done something wrong. If it’s just rumors, don’t worry about it. Tell those who matter that the rumors are not true and just keep being good.

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