What Does it Take to Create a Ministry


Hi guys, I wanted to know how it is that ministries are created. I tried calling my local archdiocese, like my Young Adult Director adviced me to do, but they didn’t give me a call back. I had numerous ideas like creating a ministry to collect petitions for different social issues that affect the Church, not just pro-life things, but issues from getting the congress to consider the things that are happening in the middle east as genocide to getting petitions against that one satanic convocation, and a ministry that helps people through the annulment process, so yeah. I know that there might already be ministries like that out there, but I really feel like the churches around my area don’t really address those kind of issues. Thanks in advance.


One thing you could do is start a clearinghouse blog, then sign up to sites like change.org; the ACLJ; America Needs Fatima, etc., and post these petitions on that site. Then please post the link here. I know for a fact that I will be one to follow that blog.




I’d say, ask God many many times to throw you in with people who can share in His vision for you collectively,

You may or may not have a fraction of it. At any rate, others will have more fractions.

The vision thing can be shaped by your previous life experience, your gift for thinking, the meaning others around you are drawing out of Scriptures, etc plus the same things over and over for each member that participates.

The developing life of Christ in us needs to be the foundation, amidst shifting sands, of any activism we may or may not invite others to engage in. Among other things, it may help us avoid creating the impression of yet another manipulative push.


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