What does Jeremiah 33:17-18 mean?


17 For thus says the LORD: David shall never lack a successor on the throne of the house of Israel, 18 nor shall the priests of Levi ever be lacking before me, to sacrifice burnt offerings, to burn cereal offerings, and to make sacrifices. (Jeremiah 33:17-18)

I’ve read some articles about the ministerial priesthood in the New Testament. Some of them quote this passage from the Sacred Scripture.

But I would like to know more about how this prophecy is fulfilled by the Church, and particularly if there is a fulfillment for the burnt offerings or what this means. :shrug:

What have the Church Fathers written about this?

Thank you!


As far as a successor for King David if you don’t know Jesus Christ as the Son of Man was of the house of King David. Hence Jesus being the King forever the successor of the throne never lacks. Jesus Christ is also the sacrifice for all souls that are to be in the presence of God, therefore the sacrifice is also never lacking. That is how both of these prophecies are fulfilled in the New Testament era, though Jesus hasn’t taken the throne in Jerusalem physically in the world, but now sets at the Right Hand of God.


32 He will be great and will be called the Son of the Most High; and the Lord God will give Him the throne of His father David; 33 and He will reign over the house of Jacob forever, and His kingdom will have no end.”


D-R Bible, Haydock Commentary:

Ver. 17. David. This was verified in Christ, who is of the house of David; and whose kingdom in his Church shall have no end. (Challoner) — The tribe of Juda continued most eminent till his coming. But there was no king till Hyrcan, and he was of another tribe. The priests governed after Nehemias, till Herod was appointed by the Romans. This must therefore be explained of Christ’s eternal kingdom, Genesis xlix. (Calmet)

Ver. 18. Priests. This promise relates to the Christian priesthood; which shall also continue for ever: the functions of which (more especially the great sacrifice of the altar) are here expressed, by the name of holocausts, and other offerings of the law, which were so many figures of the Christian sacrifice. (Challoner) — The Levitical sacrifices have ceased for 17 centuries. But Christ will officiate by his ministers till the end of time. (Calmet) — St. Hypolitus and all the fathers agree that the blessed Eucharist is the complement of all the ancient sacrifices. (Worthington)


I don’t know about Church Fathers, but Christ is the successor of King David
and is our High Priest Forever after the Order of Melchizedek, so I think that
is what those Jeremiah verses were prefiguring.


Thank you all for your answers!


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