What does Jesus and Mary do with their physical bodies in Heaven?

Something has always puzzled me. I do believe in the Resurrection of Jesus, and the Assumption of Mary into heaven, but can somebody please tell me what they can possibly do all day?

There’s no point in having a body if you don’t do things with it.

I assure you this is not a windup.

If there are two people in Heaven with perfect bodies, one can only assume they can both talk. But how many of you would be happy if there was only one person to talk to for ever and ever and ever. And do they eat? Who gets the dinner? If they walk where do they go?

They can’t just float around in a cloud of gas. There must be SOMETHING to do up there.

If anyone of you can provide answers, I will be forever indebted.

My 5 yr old son asked me this yesterday!

Yours in Christ,


Dear Patrick,

Jesus and Mary have what is known as glorified bodies. Such bodies can obviously pas through locked doors and Jesus’ did when He joined the apostles in the upper room. They don’t have the same needs that they had when they were on earth.

Life in heaven is not in any way like life on earth. Certainly, we have all had experiences that were so riveting and enjoyable that time seemed to stand still—although it didn’t really. Well in heaven there is no passing of time. There is no time. For us to be in heaven is to be completely taken up by God’s goodness. There is never an instance when one wonders what to do. Heaven isn’t for doing. It’s for appreciating. Nothing we could do would make us any happier than simply enjoying the ultimate Good who is God.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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