What does Jesus look like?


I know that there were many Saints who had private revelations and who had visions of Christ, Our Lady, Angels, etc. I’m wondering, did any of them ever describe how Jesus looked like to them? The only time I ever came across such a description is from St Faustina.

just curious if anyone knows :slight_smile:



Interesting question, Monica! I’m sure we’d all love to know the answer! :slight_smile:

I remember from the Diary of St. Faustina… that the artist painted the original Divine Mercy image, from St. Faustina’s verbal description; and yet, when the artist unveiled the finished portrait… and showed it to her, she was unhappy with it. She said:

“Who will paint You as beautiful as You are, Lord?”

My guess… is that it is impossible to describe the Beauty of the Lord, in human terms. Even though St. Faustina had seen the Lord, with her own eyes… she was not able to fully convey Jesus’ true beauty, to the artist.


Private revelations are limited by the intellectual capacity of the person, so no one except those who were with Him during His time on Earth has truly seen Jesus as He is. This is especially true given there are no paintings of Jesus dating back to Apostolic times - at least as far as I am aware. (Though I think there is one supposedly attributes to St. Luke)


I’d say the closest we may come to an image is the Shroud of Turin and the image on it. I do not believe it to be a fraud, after reading some compelling books by Ian Wilson.

I’m just going off the top of my head but some of the reasons provided were:

  1. the carbon dating tests done in the seventies (which claimed a 13th century provenance) was off because some parts of the cloth were either contaminated with overlays of bacteria (people always touching it) or because the parts taken for testing were from the recent middle age materials interwoven into the original cloth after portions of it were burned in the middle ages;

  2. studies done on the garment stitching of the Shroud confirm it was a common stitch to cloths in First Century Judea, nobody could have known that in 13th century Europe;

  3. biological studies of pollen and flower marks on the funereal shroud show the provenance of flowers and petals commonly found in Judea, not Europe;

  4. there is real blood on the shroud as can be seen in up-close imagery of the shroud which shows how the blood spattered on the cloth; paint could not do this; same goes for the crown of thorns, the lacerations on the body appearing exactly as they would if administered by a catoninetails; and the crucifixion marks through the wrists and feet.

  5. the shroud shows “perspective” of the body’s image, a concept that would not enter Western arts until some centuries after the carbon-dated presumed 13th century;

  6. nobody, with all the technologies we have today can explain how that image got there;
    some say the image on the Shroud was caused by Christ’s resurrection.

Food for thought. And also the fact that the image of Christ represented in Churches throughout those centuries, whether Byzantine or Latin bear an uncanny resemblance to the image on the Shroud. It was said the shroud was revealed fully to the public in Edessa in the 5th century, exactly the time that images of Jesus switched from the until the Roman-like representations.

God Bless.


My dear friend

St Margaret Mary saw Jseus with the Sacred Heart devotion I believe. It’s good I’m sure. The Shroud of Turin is good too I’m sure. He was 5’10" He was the perect average for a man because perfection in human appearance is to be completely average in all ways.

Hope this helps

May God bless you and keep you:thumbsup::slight_smile:


I’m sure we’ll all find out someday. I’m sure He is so beautiful that no human hands can capture it in paintings or sketches. We’ll just have to wait to see Him in person. :slight_smile:


The Jewish historian Josephus gives a description of Him as He was on earth.
He was about 6’ tall, shoulder length hair, muscular(he was a carpenter), about normal looking really.:slight_smile:


This is what I think of whenever I wonder what Christ looked like:

Some children see Him lily white,
the baby Jesus born this night.
Some children see Him lily white,
with tresses soft and fair.
Some children see Him bronzed and brown,
The Lord of heav’n to earth come down.
Some children see Him bronzed and brown,
with dark and heavy hair.

Some children see Him almond-eyed,
this Savior whom we kneel beside.
some children see Him almond-eyed,
with skin of yellow hue.
Some children see Him dark as they,
sweet Mary’s Son to whom we pray.
Some children see him dark as they,
and, ah! they love Him, too!

The children in each different place
will see the baby Jesus’ face
like theirs, but bright with heavenly grace,
and filled with holy light.
O lay aside each earthly thing
and with thy heart as offering,
come worship now the infant King.
'Tis love that’s born tonight!


I just finished reading the book “The Man Christ Jesus, How the Lord looked, acted, prayed and loved” by Giacomo Cardinal Biffi.
He goes through the New Testament, and gives us pretty good ideas about Jesus.
Some of the information in it:
Jesus was a man of refinement and good manners.
A man of unsurpassed physical strength, vigor, handsomeness and charisma.
A true friend who exhibits selflessness and humility in all His dealings.
A brilliant and complex mind who teaches simple ppeople with simple words.
A pious Jew, and a perfectly prayerful and obedient son of the Father.
A “politically incorrect” preacher whose message leaves no one unchallanged.
An “unsolvable enigma of history” that the World, without the gift of faith, will never understand.

I can really picture Jesus so much better after reading this book.
I found it a Sophia Press.


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