What does Mary wear on her head?

Pardon the silly question but I’m currently writing a scene and I’m trying to describe a statue in it. It’s not a statue of Mary but the figure wears the same piece of clothing/cloth Mary usually wears over her head in paintings of her but I never knew what to call it. You could say though that the person (or should I say, being) is somewhat of a Mary-like figure. :o

It’s her mantle, the long outer garment that covers her head to toe. She also wears a veil, given that she is a virgin and handmaid.

Can mantles like that come in short, somewhat hat-sized versions? Just asking. :shrug:

Yes. That is the kind Jesus wore sometimes. Everything of Mary comes from Jesus.

hmmm… and everything (human) of Jesus comes from Mary! :wink:

Most women in that part of the world wore some kind of veil, even today.

There was a time, even in 20th century America, that no grown woman left her home without a hat.

There was a time, even in 20th century America, that no grown man left his home without a hat. :wink:

Fun fact: the word mantilla literally means “litlle mantle” in Spanish.

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