What does my crucifix say?

My husband got me a little refrigerator-magnet crucifix. Looking at it closely, I see it has all kinds of writing that I don’t recognize—and I thought I knew all the major Christograms! Where the beams cross, behind Christ’s head, is a circle with the following:

At the top, “PAX” (“peace” in Latin; this is the only thing I understand). Around the circumference, the following letters, reading clockwise: V-R-S-N-S-M-V S-M-Q-L-I-V-B. Inside the circle is a symmetrical cross. The horizontal bar has the letters “NDSMD” and the vertical bar has “CSSML”, with both bars sharing the central S—so there are 9 letter characters altogether. In each of the four quadrants between the bars of this cross are the letters (reading from left to right, first row then second row): © (S) § (B). Each is inscribed in a little circle.

Anybody know what any of this means?


This will explain it :


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