What does O.P. stand for?


Fr. Serpa what does the O.P stand for? And how did you get involved in this ministry?

Thank you


Dear B,

O.P. stands for Order of Preachers which is the official name for the Dominican Order. In the year 2000 during my eighth and final year as novice master I was visiting our San Diego house with the novices. I phoned Catholic Answers and asked if we might tour the facilities. During the tour I mentioned that I would like to get back into media ministry. ( I had been involved with radio ministry in San Francisco in the early 70s.) A staff member mentioned that they might be in need of a chaplain. I later contacted Catholic Answers and eventually not only became the chaplain, but also a staff apologist.

Just a week ago I went north for the final profession of the vows of those same novices. They are scheduled to be ordained to the priesthood in two years.

Thanks for asking.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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